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cricket, contronyms and rioja…

England’s cricketers laughing at their inept, lamentable, pathetic and truly appalling performance in the Cricket World Cup against South Africa ? (SA played good cricket).

I have lost the will to live… but I can’t keep killing myself off. I don’t care how overpaid footballers perform… I am no longer interested in the procession which Formula 1 has become, nor do I care, overmuch, about the chatterers chattering about house prices and bank rates. BUT I do care about cricket… and have been disowned by my clan in ‘Soon to be Independent Scotland’ (Ridiculous) because (a) I live in England and (b) because I support England when they play cricket. I listened to England v South Africa this afternoon while I worked. I saw the interval highlights on TV at 6.00… Jesus H…. what were the England batsmen doing out there? I can’t bear to watch England bowl… South Africa are only chasing 155. Shouldn’t take them long… but… who knows? … our bowlers may save the day? I just have a feeling they won’t. Why is most English sport based on struggling? Why can’t we just go out and shaft the opposition for a change?

I made the mistake of looking at the BBC cricket website…..

4th over: SA 37-0
Watching Saj in action is enough to make grown men cry – and so let my tears fall onto the keyboard to type the following words: 14 off the over, including two smashers of fours from AB.

Freddie has just bowled a fast ball. Batsman missed…unfortunately, so did our wicket keeper – four more runs for SA as the ball sped to the boundary… excellent!

I had to have one more peek…

6th over: SA 54-0
Vaughan turns to Flintoff like a drowning man grasping desperately at a passing pedalo. Smith licks his lips and drives him straight down the ground for four, before both AB and Badger Nixon miss a vicious in-cutter. Four byes, and Flintoff stares skywards. At the same stage, England had scored seven.

I am going to order a bottle of Rioja and drink it now… I am giving you this little bit of wisdom – found on the net:

A synonym is a word that means the same as another. An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another. A contronym is a word that, by some freak of language evolution, are their own antonyms.

Three examples:

  • cleave – separate, adhere / clip – fasten, detach / consult – ask for advice, give advice.

Yes… I’ll be shoehorning this knowledge into the conversation when my guest arrives…

Now… for something completely different. You have probably not heard a group of 60 – 100 year olds (“The Zimmers’) singing The Who classic ‘My Generation’…well, neither had I until this dark night … but I have now seen this excellent video on You Tube!

Yes… excellent Rioja this… I shall continue… undaunted.

Yes… things are improving. I have just damned myself to the eternal fires of hell for ‘infernal blogging’.

Visit www.youaredamned.com if you wish to damn someone… improved my mood… I was going to put the England Cricket Team up for damnation. I feel sure the tabloids will do this for us tomorrow. You will find me down there… if you search. Takes a bit of working out. Try carriage return after inserting data!

And finally…for this post. If you need a better job… you may find this Job Recruitment site ‘enlightening.’

I leave you with this final quote from the BBC cricket website… because I really have to get on now with this Rioja.

14th over: SA 115-1

“South Africa in desperate trouble – almost 50 runs still needed, and just 37 overs in which to get them. Lose another wicket now and they’re toast.”

Update 2300 Hrs – yes… we lost…(Spectacularly: as our French friends across La Manche might say… a ‘tour de farce’) but… I had a most enjoyable evening…. I am pleased to report that I was not bowled, stumped, run out or even caught….. Charon is ‘not out’.

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Money, money money….

Solicitors who reaped millions from dealing with the miner compensation claims may have to return some of it. Mrs Justice Swift has ruled that lawyers were paid too much. The Times

Unless there is a successful appeal, it looks as if Jim Beresford, senior partner of Beresfords, who paid himself £16.7 million last year, may well be breaking into the piggy bank and be writing a cheque to the government.

As The Times reports: Mrs Justice Swift noted in her judgment that a detailed study of the time spent by solicitors on each coal claim “gives rise to the strong inference that the work has been significantly less onerous than had originally been anticipated”.

The former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, has told MPs that the government cannot simply spend their way out of the prison overcrowding problem by building more prisons.

Lord Woolf said: “I think judges should know how much the sentence he imposes is going to cost…that is a very relevant matter, and if there is a suitable cheaper option, they should choose that option.”

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Today I talk to Tim Kevan, Barrister, 1 Temple Gardens about the new Bar Council blog, blog etiquette and the dangers of leaving footprints on the net.

I did the interview over the telephone and, for some bizarre reason, the sound quality in parts is not as good as it usually is. Maybe it is the heat? But… never mind the quality… feel the width – Tim imparts some useful advice.

I am putting together a short weekly webradio programme – about 45 minutes weekly, if it can be done. Interested in having a few ‘guests’ on the ‘programme’ – any takers? (Can do your contribution over the phone – pretty relaxed about content – but would like to shoehorn a bit of law in if possible! )

If so, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Put your email down (it will not be seen by others).

Podcast 13: Footprints on the net with Tim Kevan

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