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A quick review…

LegalWeek has a new Student section which looks promising. Belle Turner, writing on the new Bar Council blog talks of ‘arson and passion’.

Dan Hull, What about clients?, has an interesting post about ‘Writing to and for clients’ which is well worth a look. Geeklawyer has gone to the ‘evil empire’ for a short trip but, before he left, was able to do a ‘lively’ podcast with Ruthie.

Binary Law asks: “What’s wrong with this life?” in the wake of the decision by Field Fisher Waterhouse to open an office in ‘Second Life’ – worth a read, as is the comment on this development by RollonFriday. Nearly Legal counsels “Please, No. It’s just wrong.

Family Lore gets The Family Court Practice 2007 for his birthday – and did a most interesting podcast with me a week ago on various topical issues in Family Law.

Justin Patten of Human Law, asks: “Are lawyers giving mediations the wrong kind of preparation?”

Legal Beagle attends a talk by the Attorney-General to learn that the CPS and ’employed lawyers’ are doing a brilliant job. She has an amusing and robust post on this matter.

BabyBarista continues to wreak havoc… amusingly on The Times

The ‘villainy and opprobium’ about the Moot competition at a law school ‘somewhere in England’ continues…

And… finally… I am doing a few more Podcasts this week with The Editor of Tribune, Chris McLoughlin – Phil Knott, Director of Nottingham Law School about their LPC and link with Kaplan – and will be interviewing Peter Crisp, CEO, BPP Law School shortly about his views on legal education…

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