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Goodbye to Anthony Charles Lynton Blair…

A caption competition to enable you to express your thoughts on the impending resignation of Tony Blair…

Answers in the comments section please. The winner will receive a bottle of Rioja from my personal crate of the stuff (Corney & Barrow, of course) and a book voucher from Wildy’s

Admin note! Please provide a valid email address when you post (it will not be shown).  It makes it a bit easier to contact you – if you win!

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Delighted to announce…

Delighted to announce that one of my favourite bookshops – Wildy’s – will be the bookshop on The Legal Practitioner Newswire, the new daily online magazine published by SPR, and… just as important, to me, are assisting by sponsoring this blawg to the tune of the odd book voucher or book prize for my caption competitions – which will be returning soon….

Wildy’s is a visiting experience! – but, if you can’t get to their bookshop, they have an organised and efficient online service and Jonathan Sykes will be more than happy to help you.  Visit their website

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The Mirror nicked….shock….

I rode down to Chiswick High Road on my motorbike yesterday morning, as I do every morning and found a car parked in the only motorbike bay in that part of Chiswick. It was too early for profanity.

A minicab driver, parked nearby, grassed up the owner of the car. The car was moved. [I exchanged my Fireblade for a 1300 cc street bike last year just for a change; after many years of licence busting sportsbikes ]

Purchasing two newspapers – The Mirror / The Independent and supplies of Silk Cut – it was over to my favourite  pavement cafe (Hothouse Cafe), run by Mel and Pauline, for espresso and toast. Placing lid (helmet) and newspapers on a table outside, I went in to the cafe. George was ready to brew fine coffee and underuse his skills by making me some toast with butter. When I returned to my table – The Mirror was gone. There was no sign of the thieving illiterate who had stolen it. Checked next door cafe to see if thief was in there reading my newspaper. Not. Purchased another copy from the newsagent and returned to the cafe.

Reading my log stats at 3.30 this morning, I noticed that one visitor came from Musings of a Reactionary Snob. The blogger appears to work late and was covering the elections in Scotland, almost minute by minute. Reactionary Snob is a 52 year old advocate, living  in Edinburgh. He has a dislike for governments encroaching on his liberty and frittering his money away. Most enjoyable read.

The first entry on this post caught my eye: “3.11 a.m. – oh shut up you chubby cunt. You aren’t Martin Luther King.” I had to read more! One to read in the future.

Another interesting blog, taking a very different perspective on law and interesting topical commentary, which I enjoyed reading: PrisonLaw InsideOut. I enjoyed this: “A sign of the times’ and also this post : “Mad judge proves law is an ass’

Legal Scribbles, taking himself away briefly from the burdens of exam script marking, returns with a post on Student Networking and League Tables

And so, early on on Friday morning – a busy day ahead – I wonder what I should do with the bank holiday weekend. … ?

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