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A matter of honour….

To be honest… I would feel a bit overdressed if I ended up in a bar in Soho dressed as ‘vermine in ermine’ ( per Keith Richards, commenting on honours when Mick Jagger got a knighthood) and I am only glad, now, that I did not send the cheque off for my ‘entry level’ peerage, after meeting some guy in a park… or it may have been on a website. I can’t recall.

I prefer being ‘Citizen Charon’… (I am advised by commentators (below) that I am, indeed, a Citizen.)   Does giving someone the preposterous title of ‘Lord’ in the 21st century matter? It is about as meaningful as Idi Amin calling himself ‘The King of Scotland’. …less so, possibly, in the wake of the cash for honours fiasco. And…while I am on the point, although I enjoy watching The Apprentice…all that ‘Yes Sir Alan’, ‘Good morning Sir Alan’…. is bollocks as well….and I am surprised that someone as ‘drop dead shrewd’ as Alan Sugar bought into the con(cept) by accepting a knighthood. But… again, if a grown man wants to be called ‘Sir’…. that is just fine by me.. so long as they don’t expect me to call them by their title. I went to the Palace in 1982, in a different guise, to collect a Queen’s Award for Exports…. Most enjoyable evening. I’ve never seen so much bowing and scraping. My then two co-directors (a husband and wife combo – I was a minority shareholder) kept spraying peppermint mouth spray into their mouths. It was embarrassing. ‘The Chairman’ of our company… another absurd title in that circumstance… was most put out when I leant over and whispered “You only have to shake her hand. … there will be no need to snog her.” He didn’t find that amusing. I did meet The Queen… perfectly sensible and enjoyable conversation. She could not have been more charming – and knowledgeable. I did not call her ‘Your Majesty’ or Ma’am. It just did not seem necessary to do so. It was a bit surreal, however, to be standing in an over decorated room at Buckingham Palace, with a reigning Monarch (Margaret Thatcher talking to the Duke of Edinburgh but a few feet away) – The Queen drinking gin, me drinking a glass of red wine – talking about Law.

Been a strange Bank holiday…. I shall return to more sensible posts later… or, perhaps, tomorrow.

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