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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a goner. He has abdicated.

Now…. we are faced with direct rule from Scotland – in the form of a latter day Manse borne bank manager, who, in all probability, will bore the arse / tits off other world leaders and, more than probably, most of the British public. Brown is, however, a clever man (Unlikely to be taken in by flattery or political flatulence)…  BUT… has he got style?, Panache? … Is he the Segolene Royale of Britain? Is he, to coin a phrase from one of the Lord Archer trials – “fragrant?”


[I thought it might be helpful to President Bush, who, through the Department of Homeland Security, may well be aware of this blog, to provide a selection of photos of Gordon from the net – so he is able to recognise Gordon when he turns up at The White House. Helpfully, I have found a picture of Gordon wearing a Mexican sombrero to give George Dubya a fair reference point.]

So…. a new era in British politics is on the way. The new LABOUR website has already lost the ‘New Labour’ logo and seems to have gone purple in parts, and has a subtle change of red in other sections. View the future of Labour here.

I liked the “Recruit a friend” bit on the new LABOUR website…. Yes… a good start. I just had to click the ‘Donate’ button… it took a long time to load … but it finally did… with this….

“It is a fact of modern political life that elections cost a great deal of money.
2007 sees vital local elections across the country as well as elections for the Scottish parliament and Welsh Assembly”

I felt a pang of sadness, writing this, when I read that the maximum donation was £1000 for this:

“Pay for a ward’s campaigning in vital elections, and entitles you to join the Labour Party’s Thousand Club.”

A far cry from the heady days of a million being donated by Bernie EccleSilverstone et al…

I understand that Gordon launched his campaign from a new design company today to show how in touch he is with modern life…. If you want to be a member of the LABOUR Party’s Thousand Club…. you can join here.

Mind you… £100 will give you this… “send 250 letters to undecided voters.”

It is not a great website… (It has a touch of the ‘Gulag’ about it) but, as Tony said in his valedictory speech (and I accept that Tony was not reviewing the new website when he said this…) … “It is your call.”

See: New… but not ‘NEW Labour” website

I have a horrible feeling, if after nearly ten years to prepare, this is the best “The Highwayman” can come up with in terms of a new LABOUR party website…. after voting Labour for over thirty years (even through the absurd Kinnock years) I may have to find another party to support.

My difficulty is this: I can find no British political party to my current taste this evening – so I have decided to become French and vote for Segolene Royal next time around. ‘Monsieur Charon’ has a good ring to it.

…. at least Anthony Charles Lynton Blair… made the news. I have a feeling the next PM may struggle to get onto a regional news programme or even Cash in the Attic. We shall see. Geeklawyer is going to get very pissed on 27th June and has a slightly different perspective on all this.

Reactionary Snob – a Scots Advocate – has this to say about Blair’s resignation.

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