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Jailhouse rock….

Not content with the ‘difficulties’ of having no more prison places, it seems that we can’t even get rid of the prisoners we do have without messing it up. The Telegraph (Prisoners given go ahead to sue over jail time) and Guardian (Ministers face legal challenger over jails crisis) report the latest fiasco.

I quote… “Ministers are facing a legal challenge which could force them to plough millions of pounds into prison treatment programmes because inmates are reaching the end of their sentences but cannot be freed because they have been unable to attend compulsory courses that are a condition of their release.” (Guardian)

“The Prison Service could be forced to pay prisoners tens of thousands of pounds in compensation for keeping them in jail after they are due for early release on parole.” (Telegraph)

Apparently, the going rate for detaining someone in prison after they should have been released is £1000 for the first month and £500 for each month thereafter. A shambolic state of affairs…and not a brilliant demonstration of justice and human rights.

While on the subject of laws….

More than seven new laws have come into force every day (av. 2685 per year) since Tony Blair came to power a decade ago, new research has shown – ‘a massive 98 percent by statutory instrument’. Telegraph

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