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Charon is in the Diary Room…

1.15 pm
Charon is in the Diary Room smoking and discussing The Human Rights Act. Big Brother has reminded Charon that it is illegal to smoke in an enclosed public place. Charon asked Big Brother for a lawyer.

1.30 pm
Big Brother has granted Charon’s request and a lawyer has arrived at the House, escorted by Group 4 security : http://www.rollonfriday.com/story362.htm

1.40 pm
Ruthie, who was evicted from the House two weeks ago, has set up a new blog with a mystery Silk. Charon has it on good authority that Victorian Maiden is not only a man, but is a real Silk. Geeklawyer, who faced the public vote last night, is back in the house. Charon has asked for rattlesnake, blackeye beans, lime creme fraiche, and smoked chilli jelly to be sent in from Vivat Bacchus, the South African run restaurant in Farringdon.

2.00 pm
Big Brother has called the housemates to the living room. Housemates have been told that lawyers in The City are expensive and that some law schools are now charging very high fees for their LPC and BVC courses. Housemates have to estimate (a) how much the most expensive lawyers in The City charge per hour, (b) the cost of an LPC and BVC at the most expensive law schools and (c) how much the top legal aid barrister earned last year for conducting criminal law related cases. Housemates have to estimate to within 10 %. If the housemates pass the task they will be rewarded with a luxury shopping basket.

2.20 pm
Geeklawyer is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother it will not be long before “solicitor-inadequates” can now dress in the same manner as the real lawyers if the Lord Chief Justice gets his way.


Big Brother: Geeklawyer, does it really trouble you that solicitor-advocates will be able to wear wigs in Criminal cases?
Geeklawyer: “Frankly why the fuck can they not just let things be? The previous report came to no firm conclusion and it is difficult to do other than draw the conclusion that this is a cost saving measure relieving the state of a couple of hundred grand for judges dress. As usual our fine traditions are being thrown out for no reason other than pandering to the Treasury, New Labour ‘modernist’ fuckwits and the envy of the junior branches of the profession.”

Big Brother: Geeklawyer, would you like us to send in a case of Mead and a new housemate?


3.00 pm
Alistair Campbell is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that he can take no more and unless Gordon Brown leaves the house within 45 minutes he will climb over the wall and publish the bits he kept back from his own diary.


It is, of course, entirely possible, (probable) that some of my housemates in / on the blawgosphere will not have a clue why I am talking about Diary Rooms and Big Brother – … but all I can say is this… a diarist of my persuasion has to be up on many things…. and yes… . I’m afraid I have watched the programme. Unfortunately, no CPD points for doing so. Fortunately, law blogs I visit provide far more intellectual nourishment…

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