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Personal injury update?….

I have stuck dental crowns back in place with superglue but that tends to be the limit of my unusual use. Certainly, I have never considered the possibility of using superglue to glue a hoover to my private parts – but that is exactly what one circus performer did.

The Sun reports that Dan Buckner was rushed to hospital after he glued his ‘private parts’ to a Hoover. Apparently, Mr Bruckner had been practising his act, which involves ‘towing a vaccuum cleaner with his privates’. Mr Bruckner, ‘noticing that the suction pipe was split at the end, preventing it gripping him tightly enough’ decided to fix the crack in the pipe with superglue. Unfortunately, he also misread the instructions requiring a period of 20 minutes, rather than 20 seconds, to dry before re-inserting his membrum virilis into the pipe. The mind boggles, but Mr Blackner had a difficult time in A&E on arrival. Other patients, presumably with the usual mill of accidents, cracked up laughing.

As a regular contributor to Personal Injury Brief Update Journal, I am pleased to be able to contribute, by this report, to the knowledge of their readers and, indeed, to the knowledge of all those who visit my blawg.

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