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The boys from the Bar stuff…

So…what have the learned friends been up to this week?

Well…first up… is a fascinating story in The Observer about a TV and Radio producer turned barrister, Bruce Hyman, who faces jail for perverting the course of justice. Mr Hyman, recently qualified at the Bar after a glittering career in television, has pleaded guilty ‘to attempting to falsely incriminate the husband of a client he was representing’ in a family case.

Briefly – Mr Hyman, it is reported, ‘emailed a bogus judgment he had forged to his client’s former husband, who was trying to get greater access to the couple’s daughter’.

Hyman, apparently, went along to a computer shop in the Tottenham Court Road (as revealed by CCTV footage) to email the bogus judgment, believing that his email would be untraceable. The bogus judgment appeared to ‘bolster’ the father’s claim to greater access and the father produced the judgment in court, believing it to be genuine.

At this point, Hyman ‘pounced’ … ‘suggesting not only that the document was a forgery but that the father, who was representing himself, might have been responsible for faking it.’ The father then found himself looking the wrong way down the barrel of a charge of perverting the course of justice – and a possible prison sentence.

Hyman was caught because the bogus judgment email was traced to an address in Tottenham Court Road and CCTV stills, provided by the shop, showed Mr Hyman coming into the shop and sending an email from his laptop.

This is bizarre.

August seems to have taken a toll on the UK law blog world. Very little to report. Geeklawyer continues to write, as does John Bolch over at Family Lore. Victorian Maiden may well have been seduced by Tucker and is enjoying a post-blogging cigarette.(Although I note that she has returned to draw the line at Mr Hull (infra) bringing his emu on to Ruthie’s World.) Ruthie is off to the United States of America to meet Dan Hull of What About Clients?

I did a podcast with Dan Hull some time ago. He did not sound like Woody Allen then. Here is the podcast if you want to find out about the man Ruthie will be meeting.

Clearly, I am at my post… ‘semper eadem’… serving to the best of my ability; selflessly refusing to fly in an icepack melting/global warming aircraft to a land where one is faced with the moral prospect of buying food and goods produced by non ‘Fair Trade’ endorsed companies.

I have become so green I have even stopped lighting my cigarettes with a lighter. I watched a survival programme on Discovery Channel the other night. I now prepare a small fire, using dry moss and wood shavings, which I light with a piece of organic knapped flint and a bit of fools gold to create a spark. The fire under my table also serves to keep me warm while I sit outside the Bollo smoking.

I had a late lunch today at the Bollo, a Sunday Roast. It was good not to have to call in DEFRA inspectors, in white jump suits,  to assess the quality, origin or identity of what I was eating.

Another day of the Bank Holiday to survive… the heat… the scorching sun… I’m glad I read ‘Wilderness Way”.

I was flicking through my photograph albums the other evening and came across this picture taken a few years ago. I had been invited to give a keynote speech at a conference. Unfortunately, I had the Sunday morning 9.30 ‘graveyard’ slot. The audience were a bit quiet and not that responsive. Here I am, waiting with some of the delegates, trying to get a glass of wine at the bar. I can’t be sure, but I think the conference may have been in Blackpool.

Off to do a few more hours of work. Have a good one.

Nearly Legal also covers the Summer of our discontent and lawyers perverting the course of justice. Nearly Legal also notes the disappearing UK Blogs… in the comments section below. It is time for us to do what we can…


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