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Today, I talk to Richard de Friend, Senior Academic Registrar at the College of Law and Director of the college’s Bloomsbury law school. Richard de Friend is well known in academic circles. Before joining The College he was Head of Kent Law School and Pro Vice Chancellor of Kent University, responsible for teaching and learning and quality assurance.

I ask Richard to describe what a College of Law student will have to do to be awarded a College of Law LLB. Richard goes on to talk about the credibility of degrees from the new entrants BPP and The College and goes into some depth about the academic values he believes in.

Listen to Podcast 28: Richard de Friend, College of Law.


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Today, I talk to Giles Proctor, CEO, Nottingham Law School – Kaplan about their joint venture and the provision in London for GDL and LPC students. I also ask Giles for his views on the degree awarding powers given to The College of Law and BPP Law SchoolPodcast 27: Giles Proctor, Nottingham Kaplan.


See Also: Consilio | Podcast 26 with Peter Crisp, BPP | Podcast 25 with Nigel Savage, College of Law

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An example to us all…

The day after being nominated by The Conservative Party to be a candidate in the London Mayor elections, Boris Johnson gets into his Car (broken mirror and faulty brake light) and drives around London one handed while talking on his mobile using the other hand. Sunday Mirror photographers snapped him doing this the other day. Sunday Mirror story

A good start, Boris. What is he going to do for his next trick?

Then we have a 63 old man being given an ASBO for ‘masterminding raves’ in Norfolk – although he objected to being referred to as the ‘mastermind’ of the raves. I have been to Norfolk and I survived. VM plans to attend the next rave with Ruthie when the ASBO expires in 2010.

Sadly, Ned Sherrin, broadcaster and bon viveur has died at the age of 76 from throat cancer. BBC story Loose Ends, the BBC Radio 4 programme which he presented for 20 years, was a great pleasure to listen to and his wit and style, I suspect, was an inspiration (and influence) to many.

And finally, Putin has decided to remain in power forever by putin himself forward for election as Prime Minister of Russia, provided he can work with a suitable President (Shouldn’t be that difficult to find a malleable person) do four years as PM and then return for two further four year terms as President. The Guardian

Well… finally… this time. Good to see Head of Legal back blogging after the summer with a piece on fuzzy logic and ‘plans’ for a Bill of Rights – an interesting post

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