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Simply the best…. a meme / tag….

In response to the “meme” started by the mysterious Editor at Blawg Review, and being tagged by J Dan Hull of WAC? (What about clients?) I am selecting 10 blogs. The difficulty here is that I enjoy reading many blogs and comparison is invidious. Dan sent me an email exhorting me not to “**** it up and to stop drinking immediately” so that I could attend to this task. I was able to reply, given that it is 8.15 am, that I did not have to stop, because I had not started. I prefer to wait until much later in the day before pouring myself a glass of rioja.

So here are 10 blogs I enjoy – with a UK centric theme to promote awareness of UK blogging. The difficulty is that I enjoy looking at all the blogs on my blogroll. Some of the student blogs have gone a bit quiet of late and other practitioner ones are reviving after the long summer vacation Here is a selection….

Human Law | Binary Law | Head of Legal | Ruthie’s Law | Pupillage and how to get it | What About clients? | Family Lore | Geeklawyer | Nearly Legal | Magistrate’s blog


Postscript: Binary Law has a thoughtful piece on UK blogging – worth a read if you are a blogger: UK Blogs – where are we know

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