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Bottled it…

England expected…. but it was left to the rugby players, cricketers and a formula one driver to step up to the crease.

At the risk of being accused of bad taste, I quote Horatio Nelson… I have only one eye, I have a right to be blind sometimes… I really do not see the signal!”

Today, the elected leader of the labour party, invited by H M The Queen to form a government, declined to call an election.

In the words of many… he bottled it… but is he a broken reed?  Is this a humiliation?  is it a national disgrace?

I leave you, this night, but with one thought – again, quoting from Horatio Nelson… If a man consults whether he is to fight, when he has the power in his own hands, it is certain that his opinion is against fighting.


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Be afraid…

I apologise if any of you ride scooters in a dangerous fashion and then park like a moron. I returned to the bikebay today to find a scooter parked right up against my 225 Kilo 1300 cc motorbike. When one parks a motorbike on a side stand it leans to one side. If a scooter is jammed right up against the other side of the bike, it is impossible to get the bike upright (even if one could actually get onto the bike). Unfortunately, there was a sensibly parked motornike parked on the other side – making it impossible for me to drag my bike away from the scooter.

After muttering S*** for brains to myself for a while, I asked a minicab driver nearby to help me hoist the scooter out of the way. I was tempted to leave the scooter outside the free parking zone to be ticketed by the ever present traffic wardens. I did not do so ( I dragged the scooter back into the parking bay) because I could see the clouds above beginning to part and a curious shaped eye peering through them. [Maybe I should go back to the parking bay when the ‘heavenly presence’ is away watching England v Australia in the Rugby World Cup]

Anyway… before I let this episode grow into yet another reason for compulsive muttering disorder or trigger another attack of Tourette’s syndrome, I shall move on to other matters…

So what else is happening in the world of blawgs? We have the meme/tagging of blawgers by the mysterious Editor of The Blawg review. We have Geeklawyer, mildly over-refreshed informing us of his latest hypothesis that the mysterious Editor of The Blawg Review is none other than J Dan Hull of WAC?. It may well be true / untrue – but I did wonder if Geeklawyer has joined the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria and had been enjoying a long lunch? he does admit to a degree of ‘refreshment’!

We also have Nearly Legal ‘tentatively hypothesising’ on the ‘tipping point’ of UK Blawging and Head of Legal posing an interesting constitutional question about whether it is Gordon Brown’s right to call an election.

More to follow… but now.. it is time for a spot of lunch before the Rugby…

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