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Play for today…. briefly….

Two older men, both indulging in yet another midlife crisis, are talking to each other in a pub.

Man 1: Good morning… or should I say.. good afternoon!
Man 2: Yes… it could be.
Man 1: Watching the rugby later?
Man 2: Couldn’t give a toss about the rugby. Far prefer hockey.
Man 1: (with cricket sweater over his shoulders) Did a bit of bad cricket when I was younger… not very good at it, of course…
Man 2: When I said I preferred hockey, I was referring to my schooldays. I enjoyed watching girls I was interested in playing hockey.
Man 1: So you didn’t actually play yourself?
Man 2: No…
Man 1: So, do you think Gordon will call an election this week?
Man 2: Couldn’t give a toss about that either. There comes a point where one has heard it all before. Brown was dull and Cameron seemed to think that he was ground breaking by being able to talk for an hour without notes. University professors do it all the time to their students. Lawyers and vicars can drone on for hours without notes…. when I taught History at Oxford was more than happy to talk for hours on the subject…never needed notes because I knew what I was talking about. And what was Cameron doing when he said “I didn’t do that, you did?” every five minutes? I mean if he hasn’t done anything, and everyone else seems to have done what he should have been doing, what the f*** are we doing voting him in as Prime Minister. Find someone who is actually going to do something.
Man 1: Yes… quite. Fair point. Well, as you know, I’m a leftie… but Gordon is a bit ponderous… not exactly riveting and he doesn’t seem to be doing much on the civil liberties front and already seems to have back tracked on promises to stick to the manifesto and have a referendum on Europe.
Man 2: Europe? What is Europe? Ungovernable as a single entity. How are the French, Italians and British going to agree even if the Germans want to agree about everything.
Man 1: Well… a bit of a wide subject that one. Fancy a glass of wine?
Man 2: Yes… I’ll have a large one.
Man 1: Right… coming up…

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