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The curse of the drinking classes?…

It was only a matter of time before Health Ministers would start their assault on topers and drinkers – not an inconvenient way of distracting attention from other more serious problems with the health service and MRSA et al.

Here we have Dawn Primarolo, the Public Health Minister – who was unable to answer difficult questions on Daily Politics the other day (put to her by Andrew Neil on health issues) – telling us what to do:

“Most of these are not young people, they are ‘everyday’ drinkers who have drunk too much for too long. This has to change.”

I have absolutely no idea why a politician of this undoubted calibre should feel the need to tell those of us who are over 18 and who enjoy a bit of noble rot, a bit of wine tasting, and a few glasses of Rioja – what to do.

I am certain, despite her performance with Andrew Neil the other day, that Ms Primogeniture must be able to talk about something she knows something about. I certainly don’t wish to be told by someone who is an MP that I must change the habit of a lifetime – a pleasure I have enjoyed since I first started drinking wine in 1789. I find it difficult to look back and realise that I have been drinking Rioja for over 200 years. I am sure that Ming The Leaderless may well find it difficult to look back at his time at the helm of what is left of the Lib-Dems.

I can well understand that our government, despite their platitudes on smoking, obesity and middle class hazardous drinking, does not really want people hanging around much after pensionable age. I mean… the free bus pass and free day time television is all very well… but… if the present Government of all the talents (I believe in plurality) was truly honest, it would be convenient for people to be obese, drink a lot and smoke – and then f**k off before they are too old, if only for the sake of the sustainability of the future tax paying classes – our future… our legacy… God help us (Choose your own)…

I could be wrong of, course… I mean, look what those nice Lib-Dems did to poor old Ming the Leaderless. He is only 66. – and a fomer olympic athlete. A ‘Goner’ at such a young age.

Cheers… I am having some Horlicks and an early night…. I worry about leaving the lights on after 9.00. I am doing my bit for global warming.

Buona Notte

PS… We are also in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Fortunately, I am not involved in this one.

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