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Education for the curious, please…

I  have been invited (in another guise) by Alex Novarese, Editor of Legal Week, to write for the Legal Week Legal Village section.  Delighted to do so.  My first short piece on legal education for the curious…If you wish to read it: Please click here

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Caption competition: October 07…

I woke at 3.00 am this morning, dealt with some emails, finished an article I am working on and decided it was time for a Caption Competition.

Wildy’s have agreed to provide a book prize to the value of £25 and if you are a student and win, LAWinaBOX will throw in a set of 20 one hour recorded lectures worth £45. (Practitioners may enter – and either enjoy refreshing their knowledge or donate the recorded lectures to another person.)

The pic for this competition is of our revered leader Gordon Brown.

All you have to do is provide a suitable (or unsuitable caption) by posting in the comments section. I’ll judge the entries in a couple of weeks, announce the winner and arrange for you to get the prize. As always, my decision cannot be appealed. I am not running Formula 1 here… so no whining, please, about other posters running on alcohol based fuels when they draft their captions.

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