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Royal Blackmail and other things…

The Scotsman reports that the Foreign Press are rushing to publish the name of the minor Royal involved in the blackmail case. The Scotsman does not name the Royal – although Scotland does not appear to be covered by the English court ruling, restricting publication of the name. It appears that if the Scottish Courts have not issued an interdict no-one in Scotland is bound by the English order.

Interestingly, the Scotsman article allows comments from readers – who do appear to discuss the identity of the Royal obliquely and, as at 6.30 am this morning, possibly to the surprise of some of those commenting, the newspaper has not removed those comments. They may well do so.


UPDATE 11.22 am : The Scotsman has removed the comments


Still baffled (As were Eurostar people in London) by the Eurostar promotion by the French of London picked up yesterday by Norman Baird at Consilio: Worth looking at!


The Sun has a different Royal story, today: POLICE questioned Prince Harry yesterday after three people told them they saw a pair of rare birds blasted from the sky. The hen harriers were reported to have been killed on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The Sun reports that while the two Princes were at Sandringham… A Clarence House spokesman declared: “Unfortunately, they had no knowledge of the alleged incident.”

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