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I have been indisposed this weekend – hence the lack of a Saturday Review. I have had to lie in state.

But I did read Kevin O’Keefe’s excellent rant / peroration about Law Blog vanity contests. The ABA Journal’s list of the 100 best law blogs caught his eye. His post is well worth a read. I agree… complete waste of time.

Kevin O’Keefe writes: “Why not have a contest as to which blogging lawyer looks best in a swim suit? “

Now… that is something I feel I can relate to!

Do you think I have a chance? I’ve gone for pink this year.


“I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members”
Groucho Marx.

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Flash in the Pan (Or Flush down the pan) Gordon,  described by pro tem leader of the Lib-dems, Vince Cable, as having gone from Stalin to Mr Bean during his short tenure at Number 10, must be wondering why there is no English equivalent of Schadenfreude. [Wikipedia suggests that the word ‘epicaricacy’ may be an equivalent]

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