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Tally ho…

While I have absolutely no need to go out and hunt foxes, stalk deer, shoot my food or kidnap fish with a fishing rod – I simply go to a supermarket or The Bollo – I have friends who do enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting.

Apparently it is within the law to use hounds to flush the fox out; at which point a gunman may be deployed to shoot the fox.

In this particular case, the Telegraph reports: Mr Wright had situated a marksman on a quad bike close to where the fox was hiding so that it would be shot as soon as possible after being flushed out. However, he was forced to give chase when the fox managed to flee. Judge Cottle said: “This case has led us to the conclusion that the relevant law is far from simple to interpret or apply.”

We have quite a few foxes in West London. I see them quite often on my way home from the pub. They have worked out that I am no threat to them, stare at me when I whistle at them, and then wander off.

Any fox hunters out there?

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