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I just could not resist this…

With the Bar  deciding to retain horse hair wigs and eighteenth century court dress… I just could not resist this post from the Sixth Form Law website.

I particularly enjoyed this quote from the SixthForm website: “The horsehair wig costs £1,295. Still included at £89 is a black cloth sentence cap, which judges used to put on to pass the death sentence.”

I must ask Geeklawyer, when I do a podcast with him (as is planned), if he was offered a black cloth sentence cap at £89 when he bought his wig etc etc upon return to private practice.

Geeklawyer on this matter

The Bar Council view

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Lawyers take their briefs down?…

Forgive the truly appalling pun… but I have been reading The Sun again.

WHICH female partner at a top City law firm was banished to Asia after she was caught having a three-some with two trainees in the office?

The Sun carries a story about a quiz by Legal Business.  The Sun reports: ” They took the form of a Christmas quiz on gossip picked up by the mag’s journalists – prompting a massive guessing game in the legal industry to identify those involved.” The questions posed include the one above. Sun Story

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