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Holy water and other matters…

With bottled water costing from £5 a litre to over £50 (At Claridges) I tend to drink tap water – and make a point of doing so in restaurants. I cannot understand the obsession with bottled water, but chacun a son gout.

Now… for those of you who are bottled water drinkers… you now have the opportunity to slip through the eye of a needle when you buy Holy Water from an enterprising mob of water bottlers. The bottlers from God claim: “Spiritual Water claims its product helps you ‘stay focused, believe in yourself and believe in God”

Well… there we are. Curiously the God community in the States is not too pleased at the marketing by ‘Spiritual water’. But have they perfected a method to stop miracle doers turning their water into wine?

SEATAC, Wash. (AP) – A Clark County Superior Court judge has been censured for “demeaning, offensive and shocking” behavior at a training conference in Los Angeles last year. Judge John P. Wulle, 57, used profanity, made an obscene gesture after being asked to lower his voice and referred to a group facilitator as “the black gay guy,” according to a nine-page document posted on the Web site of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, which issued the censure Friday at a meeting in this suburb south of Seattle. At one point, according to the panel’s findings, the facilitator said, “Clark County gets a star” for finishing an assignment and Wulle replied, “I don’t need a star. I’m not a Jew.”

He was ordered to take 10 hours of judicial ethics courses and seven hours of racial, religious, sexual orientation and diversity training. Story

Well… look on the bright side… at least he will get his CPD hours all in one go.

Consilio and LegalTraining.TV did a TV webcast on The Legal Services Act. Like Hitchcock… I do enjoy a ‘ shadowy cameo’ role in webcasts I am involved in. My good friend Richard Ramsay decided to write something far better than I could have done on Lord Neuberger’s: Entry to the Bar and beat me to it… by a good margin.

You may well have seen it… but if you haven’t… David Pannick QC has written “2007: The Year in judgment” in Times Online – a reminder of the human judicial and legal condition.

It is that time of year…. First up is TESCO… “Every penny counts”

The Sun reports: ” A CHRISTMAS charity band were ordered to stop playing at a Tesco store for “health and safety reasons”.

A spokesman for the supermarket giant blamed a new policy and “instore congestion”.

Excellent… We need more of this spirit in London.

I have even managed to shoehorn a bit of Law in: Misrepresentation – Breach of Express and Implied Terms – Judicial review – and Health & Safety. I deserve a small glass of reward… and now I am orf to drink it.

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