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The Silly Season…

RollonFriday reports today: “Ever vigilant Bristows has issued a briefing warning employers of the potential hazards of providing staff with a free bar. The firm advises employers to look out for drunken fumblings, potential punch-ups and to put a lock on their photocopiers. The final paragraph of the briefing warns grimly:

“Photocopier manufacturers experience a rise in call outs over the festive period as a result of repairing damage caused by staff taking copies of various parts of their anatomy. Quite apart from the inappropriateness of such conduct, [it can result in] lost time caused by inoperative equipment.”

The Sun claims today that Hitler had a child with Unity Mitford and that Hitler’s child may be living in Britain today. Inevitably, The Sun asks if ‘you are Hitler’s Child or know who they are.’

11,000 illegal immigrants have wrongly been cleared to work as security guards, it was revealed yesterday.

The Security Industry Authority website makes it very clear (enclosing the following passage within a red box): “There is no legal responsibility for the SIA to carry out right to work checks; that is the role of the employer. Whilst we have no legal duty to check the right to work of individuals in our licensing decisions, we are continually improving our processes to ensure as far as we reasonably can that SIA licence holders are not illegal workers.”

So… room for improvement then.

Police are warning people not to put Christmas presents under the Christmas tree because it may attract burglars. Helpfully, they also suggest that if you do receive a Christmas present this year, not to throw out the packaging in case a passing burglar happens to take a look into your bin to see if he would like to burgle your house and take your present away with him.

Somerset Police are also warning householders to beware of CAROL SINGERS — in case they are crooks in disguise.

Police Community Support Officer Richard Stamp said: “There are many genuine carol singers, but if you are in any doubt keep the door shut.

“Ensure when answering the door to strangers you confirm their identity and never leave the door open and unattended, even for a second.” Story

And finally... one for Health & Safety / Personal Injury lawyers and those of you who like their Christmas to be ‘PC’ – a Christmas Card.  Even the angel Gabriel has a high visibility yellow vest and the Three Wise Men wear hard hats.

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