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Sunday Review: 16 December

I was not able to do a Saturday review…

Lord Falconer, Head of Legal reports, is against the extension of detention to 42 days. The Attorney General of the web is puzzled about this death bed conversion and speculates on whether Falconer has sorted out his pension ‘issues’.

Geeklawyer gets mauled by a Leopard – but LawMinx thought he was getting married to a Leopard. Such is the life of UK Law blawgers. By a bizarre co-incidence it appears that both Ruthie and VM are suffering from some strange illness. Reactionary Snob plans to do some fisking about Straw’s statements on liberty doing well under the last decade of Labour leadership. Pupillage Chronicles finds out that there is ‘never a right way of doing things’. Lo-fi Librarian reflects on facebook Whales. Consilio has two new Editors: Richard Ramsay and Peter Groves. Both are prolific writers. Richard Ramsay completed a magnum opus on the Neuberger report (See Consilio) and has developed a taste for unusual outfits.

If you want to know more about the Legal Services Act, Consilio and LegalTraining.TV did a televised broadcast (Free to view) and you may watch the film here.

I do wish you a Merry Christmas…. below | Or click here if you don’t like scrolling.

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Belle de Jure and L2B return to blawging

Belle de Jure and L2B return to blawging – in a new guise: Reductio ad absurdum.

Good to see you both blogging again.

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Letters to Geeklawyer…

Inspired by the letter writing skills of the Duke of Edinburgh I decided to write to Geeklawyer. Rather than take up the whole front page of the blawg for one post I have posted it separately: http://www.spr-consilio.com/lettertoGL1.htm

UPDATE: Sunday 16 DecemberGeeklawyer replies to my letter

Bognor? I don’t even know where Bognor is! I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to drink mead – brewed honey – but it seems to do the business. I am looking forward to the podcast with GL. I will wear a dinner jacket.


I may start a “From The Staterooms” section and post more late night ‘letters’.


Friday 21st December 2007: Another letter to Geeklawyer describing my experience doing door security at The Home Office today in the wake of the discovery that their usual security guard was an ‘illegal immigrant’ and although cleared by the SIA, did not have permission to work in Britain and is now being deported.  I am pleased I was able to step in.  One has to do one’s bit for non-Schengen Britain.

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