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Beggaring belief… again…

David Cameron, after laying into Labour on “Donorsgate” for not knowing what is going on in their back yard, now has the embarrassment of not knowing what is going on in his back yard; giving Labour an opportunity to do a bit of “It beggars belief” in return.

The Sun reports: “DAVID Cameron was plunged into a funding row last night after accepting £7,400 of unlawful donations. The Conservative leader was forced to surrender the cash because the donors were NOT on the electoral roll. The money was given to the local party in his constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire, by two businessmen four months ago.”

Up pops Hazel Blears….

Cabinet minister Hazel Blears told Sky News: “David Cameron sets a really high bar on these issues and he says it beggars belief that Gordon Brown did not know that was going on. “I just think it beggars belief that David Cameron didn’t know what was going on in his own backyard.”

In the meantime, newly elected Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg states earnestly: “Renewed ambition for the Lib Dems, renewed ambition to reach out to the millions of people who I know share our instincts and values but do not yet vote for us.”

Well..there we are.



John Bolch, over at Family Lore, has been having an “It beggars belief” rant about creationism.





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