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Boxing Day…

Issac Newton was born on the 25th December (under the Julian calendar then in use), a birth celebrated by fellow UK blawger and rational man, John Bolch of Family Law on his blog this Christmas Day.

One of Isaac Newton’s most important laws was the Universal Law of Gravitation: F = Gm1m2 / r2. I keep it in mind, John, when I open every bottle of Rioja…. and so to the business of Boxing Day and the days before the enforced bacchanalia of New Year’s Eve.

The Sun discloses, today, when the news seemed to be dominated by an escaped tiger killing and mauling people in the US, that Michael Parkinson will become ‘Sir Chatalot’ in the New Year Honours list. The Sun was also able to entertain their readers with the news from New Zealand that a “A 50-STRONG gang of rampaging drunken Santas ransacked a cinema frightening customers, damaging property and swearing.”

‘Judge not Tony Blair, for he is like St Paul’

While I prefer the richandmark.com take on this from Guido Fawkes’ blog I was astonished to read an article in The Times on Christmas Eve. Canon Timothy Russ, who guided Blair ‘on his path to Rome’ called on Catholics ‘who resented Mr Blair because of his voting record on abortion and stem cell research to remember the example of the Christian Church’s greatest Apostle, St Paul, a key figure in spreading the message of Christianity.’

The Church, of course, has a long record of absolving sinners and acccepting repenters into their faith. Head of Legal writes that he heard “Alastair Campbell on BBC News 24 saying he didn’t know whether constitutionally a catholic could be Prime Minister, his tentative implication being that that might have been one reason why Blair didn’t convert while in office.”

Head of Legal points out that while The Monarch cannot be a catholic, there is freedom of religion for MPs.

UK Blawgers appear to have shut down for Christmas – with the notable exception of Geeklawyer who decided he would give his own Christmas Broadcast. Even leading US blawg What About Clients? went dark for one day….save to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Victorian Maiden managed to draw herself away from Tucker’s charms to watch a soccer match. Ruthie is trying on her new wig in time for the January 2nd change in court dress rules to allow solicitor-advocates to be wigged in court. Reactionary Snob, Edinburgh advocate, manages to draw himself away from the claret to reflect on the mud slinging about sleaze between Tory and Labour politicians.

And finally… for this evening:

“Don’t suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it,”

BOISE – Idaho’s newest police officers are not being trained to inflict post-traumatic stress, the head of officer training for the state says, despite a slogan to that effect that was featured prominently in the program for the latest police academy graduation. Story

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