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I have been poleaxed…

I read tonight… that not content with giving a knighthood to Parkinson, those who dispense these things, now that we can’t buy them anymore, may be adding ‘interest’ to the list with a surprise award for Tim Henman. Telegraph story


I have got bird flu – and, news of a possible knighthood for ‘Tiger Tim’, hero to evangelical strawberry eaters each year at Wimbledon, was just too much for me to cope with in my temporarily weakened state. I am returning to my futon… Hopefully, I will make it through the night – but if I don’t blog for a few days, please telephone the West London Police Community Support Officer control desk and ask them to break in. Please make sure you tell them I should not be cremated. The amount of Rioja inside me could cause an embarrassing explosion at the crematorium.

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