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I survived the night after my bout of bird ‘flu and walked down to the Hothouse Cafe for espresso and a read of the papers. This morning it was – The Mirror and The Independent. It was still dark, but it usually is at this time of year when I go for breakfast.

A quick check through the 2007 Honours list confirmed my worst suspicions… that all the fuss earlier in the year about “Cash for Honours” has meant that there will be no visit to the Palace, there will be no “Arise, Sir Charon” moment this year …. but, as we say down at The Bollo… each time we raise a fresh glass and toast the government binge-drinking watchdogs… honi soit qui mal y pense… (Old French: shame upon him who thinks evil of it)

I still like the response by Keith Richard when Sir Mick Jagger got his knighthood: “I’m not going on stage with someone wearing a coronet and ermine”… or words to that effect. It is, of course, quite possible that Keith added colour to this statement with an expletive… my memory may be at fault. The BBC reported at the time: “Richards said he doubted he would be offered an honour “because they know what I would’ve said… they knew I’d tell them where they could put it.”

Always did like Keith Richards… still do…. Moving on….

It has been a quiet time over Christmas for UK Blawgers. I did manage to get a podcast in with Geeklawyer (infra). He then decided to do his own ‘Urbi et Orbi’ and capped his posting off this week with this wonderful pic of French rugby players.

InformationOverlord informs that the Library of Congress has decided to re-classify Scots literature as ‘English’. You would think that the US had enough PR problems in the world without pissing off the Scots. Surely the CIA knows that Scotland is not English?

Family Lore has rather suprising news that disgraced barrister, Bruce Hyman, sentenced to 12 months prison on 19th September, was seen at a party before Christmas. Surprising indeed. The bloggers formerly known as Belle de Jure and Lawyer2B are back with ‘Reductio ad absurdum’ – keeping Latin alive.

So… not much to report on this front this week. I am hosting Blawg Review on 7th January – the first of 2008. Working on a theme… Please post a comment on this post if you wish to be included in my review…. no fee required…

J Dan Hull of What About Clients? has raised the game for blawgers with his own Christmas Video message. I wiped away a tear on this one… AND… What About Clients? is up for an award… against the Wall Street Journal. May I ask you to vote for WAC?… as I am sure they would like to win . I have voted… Unfortunately… it is only possible to vote once. Vote before 2nd January deadline… but as you may well be unable to do so on 1st January because you will be at the gym, not smoking, not drinking, not doing anything unhealthy… you may have to vote before 1st January: Vote Here…. for What About Clients?

POSTSCRIPT: I am not an American… so do not follow the subtle nuances of US politics. I have just discovered that Dan’s Christmas message is his parody of a US politician’s Christmas message. Good one, Dan…. like a bit of irony. Still enjoyed the vlog though! US readers of Dan’s blawg would, of course, have picked up on this.


I go now… to a place of quiet reflection… to consider how best I may live my life in the new year… I had a long look in the drinks cabinet and found that I need to buy some more Rioja… I must have been burgled over Christmas.

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