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Today I am talking to the President of The Law Society, Andrew Holroyd, about the Law Society stepping in to help international Lawyers, reported recently in the press.. The Law Society, the Association of Muslim Lawyers and the Bar Council will call on the Pakistani authorities for the release and reinstatement of lawyers and judges imprisoned in Pakistan following the recent constitutional crisis. Andrew Holroyd also drew attention to the fact that the Law Society has raised £85,000 so far to help lawyers in Zimababwe.

Andrew Holroyd, President of the Law Society, has stated in the Press: “Solicitors have a duty to uphold the rule of law. The rule of law requires the judiciary and the legal profession to be independent and free from political interference. The Law Society continues to urge the government of Pakistan to return to an internationally recognised standard of the rule of law and to release and reinstate those lawyers and judges who remain in detention.”

Listen to Podcast 41: Andrew Holroyd, President of The Law Society


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Blawg Review 144 is up…

Blawg Review 144 – a Lord of The Rings themed blog review is up.  I’m not an IP lawyer – but it is a good read in any event.

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The theme this weekend is experimentation. I am experimenting with a bit of beard growing. I will almost certainly get bored with the idea… simply because I am beginning to look like Oliver Reed in Gladiator…. ahead of my time. I do not eat Fish Fingers these days… I had to eat quite enough of those when I was detained for a crime I did not commit at detention centres, called schools, in Scotland between the age of 7-18.

I am also experimenting with the format of Weekend Review. A 45 minute download is quite a lot to listen to in one hit – so, this week, we have a mix of text and interviews.

I have two podcasts: First… Nearly Legal on his experience during his training contract (and blogging generally). Nearly Legal seems to be having a very positive experience and is enjoying his time. Listen to the podcast here.

I also had a most interesting discussion with Carl Gardner, Head of Legal, on the Peter Hain resignation, the Police investigation, possibles charges, the Home Secretary’s difficulties pushing through an extension of detention without trial powers and the continuing imprisonment of lawyers and judges in Pakistan. : Listen to the podcast here

We have some new UK blawgers: White Rabbit… authored by author and barrister Andrew Keogh. Well worth a visit… he specialises in bloodstains and is a published author.

Also….. we have Legal Seagull – who is at the beginning of his path to qualification. Legal Seagull says the road is long with many a winding turn. Absolutely….

Jailhouselawyer, a blog I read regularly, is a prolific blogger. The other day he was talking on the BBC World Service – interesting and well worth a visit, as is the blog.

I managed to find myself on Geeklawyer’s blawg late on Saturday night, wondering if I should file my annual tax return online. Apparently…. astonishingly important people are being advised NOT to file online because of security concerns. This is ironic given the ability of HMRC, The Ministry of Defence, The DVLA (NI) and sundry other government organisations, to keep our data safe…

HMRC, however, recommend that the rest of us, the peasant underclass of modern Britain, continue to file online even if they don’t use the internet – an interesting idea in itself. Charon is a phantasm… he is a figment of imagination and does not, therefore, have to file a tax return “qua Charon”.
I am done for today…


PS: I am also experimenting with PageFlakes – an aggregator – for Consilio. Here is my first attempt

(You might like to try Pageflakes yourself)

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Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal blog. Carl was a government lawyer for ten years specialising in Constitutional and EU Law issues. Now freelance, Carl has some useful views today about the Peter Hain resignation, the Police investigation, possible charges, the new Counter Terrorism proposals being debated in Parliament and he is keeping a watching brief on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – the EU Treaty debate in The House of Commons.

Head of Legal blog


Listen to Podcast 40: Carl Gardner on Hain, counter terrorism, the EU Treay and Pakistan.

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Podcast 39 is with the author of the Nearly Legal Blog. After a distinguished career in academe (in another discipline), Nearly Legal re-qualified as a lawyer as is now completing his training contract en route to qualifying as a solicitor. It is a good story – and a positive one.

Listen to Podcast 39: Nearly Legal on his training contract experience

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Daily News podcast on Consilio

Continuing to do daily news on Consilio

But experimenting with the format for Weekend Review – I may do a mix of text and interviews so listeners can dip in when it is convenient rather than download a full programme. Ideas / thoughts very welcome!

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Law Society steps in…

The Law Society steps in to help protect International Lawyers
The Law Society, the Association of Muslim Lawyers and the Bar Council will call on the Pakistani authorities for the release and reinstatement of lawyers and judges imprisoned in Pakistan following the recent constitutional crisis.

Demonstration: The Solicitors’ International Human Rights Group (SIHRG), the Society of Asian Lawyers and Amnesty International are holding a demonstration outside Downing Street, from 12 noon to 2pm on Saturday, 26 January.

See Law Society website report | I am doing a podcast with The President of The Law Society on Monday afternoon about this initiative.

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Strange day…

Today a rogue trader at a leading French bank lost them £3.7 billion, The Sun has a story about dwarves hiding in luggage and then stealing items from other people’s luggage when the bus started moving, only to return to his suitcase before the end of the trip – AND a prosecuting barrister rugby tackled a defendant who tried to escape during court proceedings and kept his wig on.

You really could not make it up…

Fortunately…. I have some interesting and sensible news – I will post it (above) in a few minutes.

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Peter Hain resigns from Cabinet…

Peter Hain has resigned from The Cabinet after the Electoral Commission referred the £103,000 donations case to the Metropolitan Police.  BBC story

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The LSC contract…

Timothy Dutton QC (Left) has written a letter to The Legal Services Commission about the LSC contract.

The exchange between Chairman of The Bar Timothy Dutton QC and Richard Collins of The Legal Services Commission is quite extraordinary – and all the letters are well worth reading.

Simon Myerson QC explained his reasons for refusing to sign in a podcast with me the other day and on his blog.

Timothy Dutton QC letter | The original letters from the Legal Services Commission.


Simon Myerson interview with me | Simon Myerson’s blog post

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Cream krackered

Northern Rocky Horror Show

Just a jump to the left… this animation, from Channel 4, may amuse you


Guido Fawkes also has a most interesting story about law firm Schillings:

This is what Guido has to say… “Schillings, the lawyers specialising in reputation protection from online threats, are making a complete arse of themselves. See their correspondence with Wikileaks over the Northern Rock summary…. an interesting use of copyright law.


That is all for today! I can read no more law / emails / blogs / papers or take / make calls today…

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Flight Arrivals

A good friend of mine, a First Officer who flies Jumbos, sent me this pic via Facebook.

An extraordinary story

Blawg Review: carnival of the blawgers

Blawg Review 143 is up

Consilio has all the new podcasts and Weekend Reviews. Also extracted the interview from Weekend Review about Simon Myerson QC’s reasons for not signing the LSC contract – on Consilio.

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We have a packed programme for you. The programme runs for approximately 38 minutes but you can download it and listen to it in stages! Today Peter Rouse of Advizory has an interesting technique for you to help you reduce stress.

My guests today are: Tim Kevan on his new boook “Why lawyers should surf” – Dr Peter Groves, Consultant with Bircham Dyson Bell, talking about the copyright implications of parody – Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal Blog, on the Gary Newlove bail case and Simon Myerson QC, a leading criminal law silk from Yorkshire who authors the Pupillage and how to get it blog. I ask Simon Myerson why he is not prepared to sign the Legal Services Commission contract. He has some robust views.

Listen to Weekend Review Podcast 2.

[I had a minor edit problem with the recording for Nearly Legal on his experiences during his training contract – thankfully, capable of being remedied. Nearly Legal’s piece will be in next weekend’s Weekend Review]

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Today I am talking to the author of the LawMinx blog. Lawminx is studying for the BVC part-time and cimbining this with research for a Ph.D in International Law. We discuss the difficulties of doing the BVC on a part-time course, her views on the course and her plans for pupillage and beyond.

LawMinx blog


Listen to Podcast 38: LawMinx on the part-time BVC

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Today I am talking to Nick Holmes, author, internet guru and founder of Infolaw. Nick is also the author of the Binary Law blog.

We discuss a wide range of net and blogging issues including: what prompted Nick to start a blog and how his view of blogging changed? I also asked him the question: Where do you see the legal web and law publishing going?

Listen to Podcast 37: Nick Holmes of Infolaw and Binary Law

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Not many people know this… but…

Not many people know this… but I have a non-English speaking cousin, Fabio Charonello, who is now managing a local football team using sign language. He won’t be busy this summer – but he has high hopes for the future and, as far as I know, he is up to date with his Italian paperwork.

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I have spent a few minutes online selecting a coffin, seeing if anyone has an online downloadable Will precedent and ensuring that Gordon Brown doesn’t want me to give any of my remaining organs to medical science… as he is planning for most of the people who live in Britain unless they opt out. I wonder if Gordon has been watching too many episodes of that TV programme with the German doctor who wears a hat and cuts people up on television?

This is how I want to go. Unfortunately the people who make this stylish coffin and last ride are a long way away.

I have been described as “good ‘ol Charon” by LawActually... I am doomed…. I’m off to play a few of my old Doors Albums…(Vinyl…naturally). I shall start with Strange Days (1967… if my memory serves me well?) – It is the end ?

Sorry Law Actually… I mean it in jest, of course, … your description of me in your JLD post did amuse me.

But.. you could have left out the word ‘even’ in front of ‘good ‘ol Charon’… surely? How are the drafting classes going?


Do you think plastination would suit me? I worry about the corrosive effect of Rioja in the plastination process. After all, I wouldn’t want to be plastinated and then find the Rioja started melting the plastic when people came to see me at the exhibition… I mean.. . I do know a bit about Tort and Post-traumatic stress disorder, nervous shock et al. I’m sure Gunther Von Hagen and Gordon Brown’s nationalised grave robbers will check me over thoroughly to see that I am a suitable candidate for organ donation or plastination.


There are times when a problem shared… is a problem halved.

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Today I am talking to Katherine Gibson, President of the Junior Lawyers Division of The Law Society about the new help line set up to help students and young lawyers who get into difficulty or are suffering from stress and pressure.

The JLD has a website and the helpline number is: 0800 856131

Katherine also has a blog “Voice from the Chair”

Listen to Podcast 36: Katherine Gibson, President of the The Junior Lawyers Division of The Law Society

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Staring into the abyss…

The Times “Water Cooler” column has an interesting piece this week: “In what is destined to become the legal equivalent of The Samaritans, the Law Society is introducing a telephone helpline for junior lawyers starring into the abyss. Law students, trainees and solicitors with up to five year’s experience can use the helpline, one of several initiatives on offer from a new representative body looking after those at the less well-paid end of the profession.”

Well, apart from jokes about all night photocopying and making coffee for the supervising partner, this does seem to be a useful move. Stress and pressure do seem to be rife in the legal profession.


As a follow up to this post I did a podcast with Katherine Gibson, President, Junior Lawyers Division of The Law Society

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Delighted to lend my support and thanks to this expression of thanks drafted by Diane Levin and Colin Samuels….. linked below. Blawg Review is well worth visiting. Some very good content and a chance to read some good US and International Blawgs.


“Blawg Review, the carnival of legal blogging co-founded by its anonymous editor, highlights the best legal blogging each week.

Issue after issue, hosts from across the legal blogosphere (and occasionally beyond it) are selected by the anonymous editor of Blawg Review to present the carnival in their own voices, sharing their personal and professional experiences and interests with the ever-growing Blawg Review audience. In developing each issue, the anonymous editor of Blawg Review guides each host, offering invaluable advice and links to worthy posts. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, the anonymous editor of Blawg Review brings attention to this cooperative effort and to the bloggers who produce each edition of the carnival….

For the full draft – please visit either Diane’s or Colin’s blog..

Cross-posted by Diane Levin at MediationChannel.com.

Cross-posted by Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise”


Delighted to cross-post and add my appreciation. Blawg review is well worth visiting. Some very good content and a chance to read some good US and International Blawgs.

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