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Time to write a letter to the Police?…

The Times has a fascinating story today: “The Liberal Democrats’ main corporate backer is a care home business that has been giving the party nearly half its profits and whose ultimate ownership is secret.”

It appears that a businessman who sits on the board of all the sister companies of donor firm Alpha is recently enobled peer Lord Hameed, proposed for elevation by the Liberal-Democrats.

The Times reports that Alpha Healthcare has donated £395,000 to the Lib-Dems – prompting a spokesman to say “Why not?”. The Times reports that £125,000 of the £395,000 was transferred when the Hameed peerage was confirmed.

BUT… the amusing part of this story is not the peerage… but the exchange between The Times and Lord Clement-Jones, the Lib Dem treasurer, who did his articles at Clifford Turner (now Clifford Chance) and who, when not preparing for the onerous task of preparing to prepare to govern Britain, says on his web entry for the Lib-Dems: “I am now the Co-Chairman of Global Government Relations, the government and media relation’s practice of DLA Piper the major law firm.”

Apparently, Lord Clement-Jones was, initially, unaware that he had proposed Lord Hameed for a peerage

The Times Story is worth a read… but here is an extract from The Times:

Lord Clement-Jones, the Lib Dem treasurer, said that he had “no idea” who had proposed Lord Hameed. After The Times said it had evidence that it was him, he said: “I couldn’t remember that. That’s fine. I thought he was a very upstanding member of the Asian community and somebody who would make a very good peer.”

The Times also reports that ” Lord Hameed insists that he has never given a penny to a politician and knew nothing of the payments until contacted by The Times. “

Read the Times Story – the “What the Party told the Times” bit at the end of the articles is most amusing – and it gets even more bizarre.

Hat Tip to Guido Fawkes – and, as Guido suggests…. perhaps Chris Huhne could write a letter to the Police asking for their assistance in sorting the confusion out?

Pic: Prolific letter writer Chris Huhne as he might look knocking off a quick letter to The Commissioner.

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