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Defying the law….

I came across this pic on Boreme.com. A comment on the site suggested that the image had been ‘photoshopped’. I don’t care. It appealed to my mood tonight. A rather trying day. Good on the bird.

After a long day, I have a glass or Rioja to hand… just the two today and I have been reading blawgs rather than watch TV. I shall watch Newsnight, of course.

An amusing story from the States: SCARSDALE – A teen inventor and entrepreneur from Scarsdale registered the trademark “Change Rocks” to protect his jewelry and accessories business from rivals. Now he’s facing competition over the name from an unlikely source: the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama.

Stefan Doyno called his lawyers… “and they sent a letter on Dec. 18 to Obama’s national campaign manager, David Plouffe, that points out that the name “Change Rocks” is a registered U.S. trademark (No. 3,266,236) and that if Obama’s campaign sells T-shirts or other campaign memorabilia with the slogan, it could constitute an infringement.”

The story amused me and is worth a quick read.

I think I may be spending too much of my leisure time reading newspapers online – but, tonight, I discovered that the government today ruled out the possibility of allowing elephants to be kept as pets. The announcement came following a petition to 10 Downing Street calling for UK pet shops to be allowed to sell elephants to the public. Guardian

Dear God… is there to be no end to this government interfering in our freedoms?

Hillary Clinton and Gordon Brown do have something in common.  Pic  from Political blogger Guido Fawkes  

And finally for tonight… The Sun reports: “Controversial performance artist Jordan McKenzie, 40, has made 55 images by ejaculating over canvas and sprinkling carbon over the results to immortalise them.”

It is amazing that people will spend good money on any old toss these days.

Tomorrow is another day… as they say.

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Audio NewsBrief in 4: 10 January 2008

Today’s Law newsbrief from Consilio

Downloadable version: Right Click here.
If you are using a Mac: hold down ‘ctrl’ key and click link

Planning to include news from UK Blawgs. Today, I refer to Carl Gardner’s, Head of Legal, story about the US Supreme Court. Happy to include items from bloggers. I can be contacted through: mikesplaw at mac.com.

This idea is still experimental. May / may not work.

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