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EDINBURGH The DVLA has prompted a furore by trawling army barracks for out-of-date tax discs while soldiers are serving overseas. The Times

And now we go over to Reactionary Snob for a sanguine view on this.

Hat Tip to RS…

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The butler didn’t know who did it…

I survived Monday only to visit the BBC website, upon my return, and find that the tedious butler, Paul Burrell, has told the Diana inquest into her death it is “impossible” that she was murdered on the orders of the Royal Family.  BBC Story

Tedious Butler was then able to assist the Coroner, according to the BBC, by saying: “that as butler to the princess, he connected Diana’s network of friends and had been “at the hub of the wheel”.

“I’m a Butler, get me into everything, Burrell” was also able to opine: “Prince Charles was not capable of murdering the princess – they were cordial towards the end of her life.”

I have no idea why the Coroner bothered calling any other witnesses. Burrell seems to know everything about everything Royal. VeryRichButler has more than enough money now and I really do hope he buggers off after this final (?) inquest.

I rarely express irritation on my blawg. Tonight… I make an exception. Now… I am going to drink some Green Tea.. and I may well have a glass of Rioja… purely medicinal tonight.

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Blawg Review of the Year Nominations

Having had the pleasure of hosting an edition of Blawg Review, I have been invited by the mysterious and anonymous Editor of Blawg Review to nominate my own choices for Blawg Review of the Year 2007.

I enjoy reading Blawg Reviews and there are many that stand out. My nominations reflect my own leanings, legal and literary: Blawg Reviews #115 #116 #131 #125 #134 #137

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Blawg Review #142…

Blawg Review #142 is now online.  A good way to become acquainted with some very interesting US Blogs.  Susan Cartier Liebel writes the review in the form of a letter giving advice to a new lawyer.  Nice touch… well worth a read.

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