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Not many people know this… but…

Not many people know this… but I have a non-English speaking cousin, Fabio Charonello, who is now managing a local football team using sign language. He won’t be busy this summer – but he has high hopes for the future and, as far as I know, he is up to date with his Italian paperwork.

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I have spent a few minutes online selecting a coffin, seeing if anyone has an online downloadable Will precedent and ensuring that Gordon Brown doesn’t want me to give any of my remaining organs to medical science… as he is planning for most of the people who live in Britain unless they opt out. I wonder if Gordon has been watching too many episodes of that TV programme with the German doctor who wears a hat and cuts people up on television?

This is how I want to go. Unfortunately the people who make this stylish coffin and last ride are a long way away.

I have been described as “good ‘ol Charon” by LawActually... I am doomed…. I’m off to play a few of my old Doors Albums…(Vinyl…naturally). I shall start with Strange Days (1967… if my memory serves me well?) – It is the end ?

Sorry Law Actually… I mean it in jest, of course, … your description of me in your JLD post did amuse me.

But.. you could have left out the word ‘even’ in front of ‘good ‘ol Charon’… surely? How are the drafting classes going?


Do you think plastination would suit me? I worry about the corrosive effect of Rioja in the plastination process. After all, I wouldn’t want to be plastinated and then find the Rioja started melting the plastic when people came to see me at the exhibition… I mean.. . I do know a bit about Tort and Post-traumatic stress disorder, nervous shock et al. I’m sure Gunther Von Hagen and Gordon Brown’s nationalised grave robbers will check me over thoroughly to see that I am a suitable candidate for organ donation or plastination.


There are times when a problem shared… is a problem halved.

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