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Anonymous Assistant

Anonymous Assistant, as featured on The Times, has a new blog

Join junior litigation lawyer, Helen Bailey, and her friends as they struggle to assert themselves amidst the egos and eccentricities of a large City law firm.

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Today I am talking to Nigel Savage, Chief Executive of The College of Law to ask him why The College is instructing Matrix Chambers’ Rabinder Singh QC in response to changes made by the Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA) to the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT) – changes the College claims could breach anti-discrimination legislation.

Listen to the podcast interview

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Dan Hull on George Dubya…..

US lawyer, author and blogger Dan Hull of What About Clients? has a fascinating piece published in The Pittsburgh Tribune last Sunday about George W Bush…. well worth reading.

Dan’s conclusion should inspire you to read the article!

“If the American experiment was likely to produce leaders a bit rough around the edges, driven, informal, anti-intellectual and “un-European,” he couldn’t have dreamed up a more representative specimen than Bush 43.”

The Pittsburgh Tribune article

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