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Tonight I went to The Bollo, as I often do on a Saturday night. I met King Arthur… but before you form the view that I may have taken too much juice… I actually met King Arthur before I had even sipped the first taste of Rioja.

Let me explain. King Arthur is a Druid and political activist. He lives nearby and I have seen him on several occasions at The Bollo. Tonight I had a few drinks with him and his partner, Liz.

Arthur’s story is fascinating – and there is a book – The Trials of Arthur. I am going to read it this weekend. I first came across the King Arthur I met tonight surfing on the net over Christmas. I was looking for information about druids, saw a picture that was remarkably familiar (It was of a man I had seen several times at The Bollo) and did some research. This was the website I visited first.

I would echo the sentiments expressed by a journalist who met Arthur Pendragon, druid, political activist and King some time ago… “It’s not every day that you get to sit in a pub garden with the King of England, supping pints of cider and smoking endless cigarettes. UK Online Senior Editor Chris Russell did just that and found King Arthur Uther Pendragon a thoroughly decent monarch.”

In my case… I was sitting outside The Bollo, wall heater on, bright yellow sailing jacket and navy polo neck – and a salt and pepper beard. King Arthur’s partner Liz came over and sat with me. I had met Liz earlier in the week while smoking outside. I told her that I had been surfing, came across Arthur’s story and would like to read the book. Liz told me that it was out of print but had a couple of copies at home. Liz had remembered our conversation… and, finding me at The Bollo, as she thought she might, she lent me a copy of the book. King Arthur turned up in black leather biker kit a few moments later with a pint of cider for himself and a glass of white wine for Liz.

As I plan to read the book… I will say no more for the moment. I have a feeling that I will be doing a podcast soon. I have not managed to do a podcast yet with a King. King Arthur did, however, show me his driving licence – a picture of him wearing his crown. British Law decrees that headgear must normally be removed for passport photographs. Not so for King Arthur… who is very laid back.

As he says: “‘The current Queen is forced down people’s throats. She’s the queen because the population of the country are told she’s the Queen. Me, I’m Arthur Pendragon and if people want to believe I’m some nutter who thinks he’s the reincarnation of King Arthur that’s their choice.”

Arthur is a serious political activist who went to prison several times for his beliefs – Newbury / Stonehenge et al – and this is all documented on the website (above) and in his book. I shall report further when I have read the book. Yes… I enjoyed meeting Arthur and Liz. They both smoke, enjoy a glass or two – and Arthur is also a fellow biker.

And, since Part I will be followed tomorrow by Part II … I move on to nutcrackers – The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. I have been following the US Elections with some interest – in fact… I am addicted to the coverage. I am placing my order for these nutcrackers tonight.

Without, in any way, wishing to suggest that I am writing to a theme, I could not help but notice the coverage of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the news and every newspaper today. I asked King Arthur what he thought about the controversy – only to be told that Rowan Williams is also a Welsh Druid… obviously part-time, because of his other rather more establishment duties as the number one ordained representative of god in an increasingly secular Britain. I won’t, at this stage, add to the comment and analysis – for I plan to talk with John Bolch of Family Lore tomorrow for Part II and content myself with a graphic from today’s edition of The Sun.

I am grateful to Ed of Blawg Review for tipping me off to an item from Quizlaw. Nick Freeman has trade marked his nickname “Mr Loophole”. Quizlaw, in characteristic style, reported the matter: “…Anyway, the British tabloids apparently dubbed Freeman, who is famed for getting celebs out of various driving convictions, “Mr. Loophole.” And now he’s trademarked it, saying: “The media coined the term for me and, while some might not know the name Nick Freeman, they usually have heard of the name Mr Loophole.” And he’s all ready to sue anyone who tries to trade on his good name. So you British lawyers better watch the fuck out.” Pic from Quizlaw.

Well… an eventful day when all is said and done. Tomorrow… I have an interview with Nearly Legal on Housing Minister Caroline Flint MP and her plans to kick tenants out of their houses if they don’t get off their backsides and go to work, John Bolch on The Archbishop’s views on Sharia Law (and analysis of The Macca v Mucca divorce, possibly), and, no doubt, I’ll report some thoughts on what happened last week…

Enough for tonight… a glass of Rioja has just been poured for me, by me…



It transpires (such a useful word)… that Ed of Blawg Review (Supra) tipped Geeklawyer off on the Mr Loophole story as well. I have, for some time, been thinking about how I may occupy my time at weekends with a bit of enterprise. Geeklawyer opined, on his post, that patents are a complete waste of time.

I had to seek his advice and did so in the following terms:

GL… I’m worried… “I’ve been thinking about going on to “The Dragon’s Den” with an idea about turning Thames water (I have an endless supply of it where I live) into Rioja….and now you tell me that that patenting this is a waste of time.

I don’t think that Douglas, Peter, James, Theophilus Wildebeest and that blonde woman, whose name I can never remember, will be terribly impressed if I tell them that I haven’t patented it because a lawyer I know says that patents are a waste of time.

If this is true… then I shall just have to put a small paddling pool in the studio and see if I can manage to walk on the Thames water before I turn it into Rioja. I’ve been trying this out for the last half hour… tonight… I have very wet feet. Not going well.

Please advise… soonest… and I don’t want an invoice… you know what I mean?


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Today I am talking to Victoria Peckett, partner, CMS Cameron Mckenna about the Contracts (Third Party Rights) Act 1999 – “Sustainability” and the qualities needed to be a partner in a leading City law firm.


Listen to Podcast 44


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