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An Update: Keeptonybliarforpm is worth a visit.

An amusing parody of GL’s debate opponent

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Sorry to beard you in your den…

To confront danger, to bite the bulllet, to face one’s fears – all meanings of the phrase ‘to beard the lion in his den’.

Bored, some weeks ago late on a Friday evening,  I decided to grow a beard. An interesting experiment; one leaving me two and a bit weeks later wondering around Chiswick High Street looking like an out of work explorer. A friend was kind enough to use the term ‘distinguished’, another to suggest that I looked like a film director or actor.  Kind people, my friends.

This morning I came face to face with King Lear on a very bad day when I cleaned my teeth upon rising at 2.00 am. I did not expect to be faced with King Lear at that or, indeed, any time of day. At 12.45 hours, I started playing with my shaver. I tried Edwardian mutton chops with moustache. Ridiculous.

A little bit more trimming with the shaver… Voila!… I did not feel that wondering over to The Bollo looking like a Kaiser would be helpful to anyone. Then I managed to look like Magnum PI… but 20 years on. The Hitler look was not great – so the beard has gone. Dogs come over to me again. Charity muggers rattle their cans at me again – all is restored… until I get bored on a Friday afternoon again.

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Pigs in shit classification

Guido Fawkes has introduced a “Pigs in Shit” classification system on his political commentary blog. Who has two “Pigs in Shit” ?… who has three “Pigs in Shit” ? …. have a look. Always worth a look to keep a quick eye on what our political masters are up to – with links to other political blogs/content if you like that sort of thing (I do).

Edinburgh Advocate, Reactionary Snob, is always worth a read for political comment / rant / satire – not always Scots centric.

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