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HRH The Prince of Wales wearing a leek on St David’s Day. (BBC picture)
One presumes, not without reason to do so, that the leek is organic? HRH is wearing a Household Cavalry tie, as far as I can see – understandably, given that he was picking up Prince Harry who is an officer in the Blues and Royals.


With Geeklawyer away skiing (or not skiing) in Austria, Prince Harry returned to Britain after his deployment to the front line in Afghanistan post Drudge, and the news today , on St David’s Day, that Conservative leader David Cameron has told the Welsh party conference that he wants a “mass movement for change”… I am at a bit of a loss to find anything to excite the palate of readers of this blawg… it is impossible, I fear, to compete with the news in the papers, television and other media…

However… I shall try… and first up is the continuing ‘goings on’ going on at BPP Law School as reported by RollonFriday in relation to BPP Law School’s examination rules. The Recruitment partner of Muttley Dastardly LLP was in favour of the BPP Law School stance last week but, tonight, I am unable to contact him on his Apple iPhone for comment.

RoF has suggested that their latest report may be an end to the reporting – but, they do seem to have had quite a few emails from students at BPP Law School about the LPC examination rules policy. The RoF selected email I particularly enjoyed was this one: ” Re: BPP Madness – Of course if they try and withhold exam results at BPP (or anywhere else), a simple data protection request will sort you out with them. Hours of fun! We annoyed my University with this no end when I was a sabbatical officer…” (Source: RollonFriday)

And… so.. to other matters…

The Kremlin is planning to falsify the results of this Sunday’s presidential election in Russia by compelling millions of public sector workers to vote and by fraudulently boosting the official turnout after polls close, the Guardian has learned. Head of Legal picks this story up…. Head of Legal has decided to change his strap line from ‘Attorney General of the Web” to “Law Punditry’s Alan Hansen”. Excellent.

Leading US blawg What About Clients? run by the ever energetic J Dan Hull and his colleagues, Holden Oliver and Thomas Welshonce, was kind enough to give the important oxygen of US blogging publicity to several UK blawgs under the headline “The Erudite, The Good, The Sultry and The Insane”. I shall strive to be The Sultry in future. … but.. possibly not now… after doing a Google search on ‘Sultry’ with “safe search is off”.

We now go over to Edinburgh Advocate, Reactionary Snob, for breaking news on why some in Ireland and Scotland think it important to have a “National C**t Day”. RS notes that Irish blogger Twenty Major … still smoking in Dublin bars…writes: “I believe we need a National C**t Day where we, the people of Ireland, simply give in and celebrate the fact we’re a country absolutely chock-full of the biggest c**ts on earth.” The comments are also worth reading (Parental Guidance required) … democracy in action… whatever that means these days.

As I write this on Saturday 1st March.. it is 21.25 hours… I have been accused by The Fugitive, aka Geeklawyer, as “being as bad as Geeklawyer”. I have an excellent Tort book open on my desk – I had no idea that defamation could be so fascinating – a fine read. [Geeklawyer is ‘somewhere in Austria’ skiing, apparently]

It is some years since I slid down a mountain. I do not see the need to ski. I understand this need in others – because I am of a liberal ‘laissez-faire’ disposition… but, it has to be admitted, I would have enjoyed sliding down a snowclad mountain playing a piano. I have encouraged Geeklawyer to consider joining the British Dangerous Sports Society and do this … but he may well like to consider the sport of Extreme Ironing next time he decides to take a break from his important work.

I do not, as a rule, normally concern myself with what men find entertaining in terms of their membrum virilis – but I could not resist this link to Law Actually’s coverage of what Italian men are no longer allowed to do. Unfortunately… the direct link to the story reported a ‘server error’ at the time of writing, so you will have to visit the Law Actually site to discover what Italian men are no longer allowed to do and scroll… if necessary.

I find myself spending more time reading and watching politics coverage. Guido Fawkes this week reports that “Labour’s favourite copper has written to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner to inquire about whether or not Conway is going to be referred to the Met.”

The other night I had a drink ‘somewhere in West London’ with a friend of mine , Chris McLaughlin, who is the Editor of Tribune. Chris is still going to do a podcast with me… so I am sure he will not mind my making reference to this ‘drink’. I think he asked, knowing of my Labour voting pattern over many years, who I favoured for Mayor of London. Well…. Ken did say that he wouldn’t stand for a third term… and even Putin accepts that he can’t be President of Russia for a third term… so will become Prime Minister instead for a while and then have another crack at being President after a ‘decent’ and ‘internationally credible’ break… and Boris?…. well… the question is… will Boris be a more amusing Mayor? … and, if elected, will he take the ‘Conservative whip’ and instructions from Cameron?. The answer to the second question is, I suspect, as easy to answer as the first question.

I plan to write Weekend Review Part II tomorrow… with a podcast… but I may well add to Part I later…


UPDATE 23.36 Saturday 1st March

Persecution of middle class wine drinkers…. Labour government ‘crackdown’…. shock…

I cannot write more tonight. I have just read a report in The Telegraph Online that our government is planning to put extra tax (20p a bottle) on wine…. I therefore have to go to a 24 Hour Tesco and do some panic buying. I have called a local rickshaw company to ensure that my carbon footprint is not damaged by this late night excursion.

I am sure you will understand… needs must.


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