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Giving up smoking?….

One way of giving up smoking is to sit outside The Bollo trying to hand roll a cigarette when it is windy.

I had a hand rolled cigarette the other night – it was most enjoyable. I am thinking of rolling my own now. I may have to get one of those Rizla hand rolling machines – for the perfect roll – but, I am told by other hand rollers, that this is not the thing.

It is some years since I last rolled my own – but I quite like the idea…. of fiddling about with filters, Rizla paper and tobacco….. I have a feeling that I will not persist… but I will try this out for a while. They tell me that smoking hand rolled cigarettes is far healthier. No chemicals…. just pure smoke going into the lungs… One also  gets a bit more exercise chasing the filter and paper that has been blown down the road by the wind….


H M Government Health Warning

I do not need anti-smoking lobbyists or the slaves/accolytes/converts of H M Chief Medical Officer or Dawn Primarolo MP to write comments….

This is a pro-smoking and 24 hour drinking blog – and with fashionable intolerance, I shall simply redact, excise, extraordinarily rendite/remove, erase, delete etc etc… any comments of an anti-smoking nature.


I do not normally exercise draconian powers of censorship… but one must take a stand in the sand and draw lines etc etc… must not one?

Perhaps… ’24 hour drinking blog’ should read… ‘pro-24 hour drinking’ blog?


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