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Podcast 51: Nigel Savage, CEO, The College of Law on the cost of legal education.

Today I am talking to Nigel Savage, Chief Executive of The College of Law about the rising costs of legal education on the LPC and BVC. In Legal Week this week there is a story about BPP Law School hiking its fees for the LPC by a ‘whopping’ 10% despite already being the most expensive postgraduate law school in London.

I have invited Peter Crisp, Chief Executive of BPP Law Schoool to do a podcast. As yet he has not been able to return my call. Nigel Savage has characteristically robust views about legal education and comments on the rise of 5% applied by The College of Law, contrasting it with the 10% rise by BPP.

Legal Week story


Listen to Podcast 51: Nigel Savage on legal education costs


I invited Peter Crisp, Chief Executive, BPP law School to do a podcast.  On this occasion he declined the invitation.


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