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Yet another law free post… smoking…redux

Mea culpa… but yet another law free post, I’m afraid. I have finally decided that I am not particularly good at rolling my own cigarettes. After days of faffing about with roll ups… some that seem to be on fire as I smoke them, others pathetically thin and crumpled with the filter falling out… a friend gave me a Rizla cigarette rolling machine.

Excellent.. perfectly rolled cigarettes… and even a doctor told me that they were healthier as he borrowed my machine to roll a perfect cigarette for himself. We did, of course, go outside…. I do prefer rolling tobacco to ordinary cigarettes now … even if I look a bit weird fooling about with Rizla papers, shag, filters, a machine and then tapping the tobacco at one end, filter at the other, with a matchstick before going out, as I did at 7.00 this evening, into heavy winds to smoke a cigarette with four others outside The Bollo.

I will use my ‘best endeavours’ to return to some legal content to my posts soon…

On that note… Buona notte…


If you feel the need for some law tonight, after reading this, please feel free to peruse my blogroll. There are a few law blogs in the roll where law is actually discussed. Not many, I grant you, in the UK blogosphere… but… that is part of the pleasure… exploration. Go where no man has been before etc etc … be a master of the universe… Be Columbus… and don’t worry about the doughnut shaped particles in space discussed in Stephen Hawkings’ most enjoyable television programme last night. They are benign. I have several of them in my study as I write tonight…

There is a downside to smoking roll ups. A friend said tonight … “Next you will be smoking spliffs.” I did not feel the need, unlike half the Cabinet, to confess to the sins of my youth… nor make admissions.. nor did I go to Eton.


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