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In my other guise – I am covering the ALT Conference at Oxford University – so, I have been unable to blog this weekend. I am doing this remotely – in the form of podcasts with speakers and we are providing a television crew to film a couple of key note speeches on the morrow. This is helpful to me – I like Oxford, know it well, but my modest little studio is in West London and easier to do it from here.


I may, therefore and thereby, after a quick trip to The Bollo for the staff of life, be able to make a brief appearance on here later.


STOP Press

“If you can keep your blog when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

Oyez … Oyez… Then let it be known through the world, on the eve of Holy Week (or, for readers of The God Delusion…. Bank holiday weekend week) that Geeklawyer’s main blog has been restored… and the Squat is no more……. Oyez.

A message from Cardinal Charoni di Tempranillo, The Vatican

It is a busy week for me. The Pope, he is very vigilant to make sure we are all on message, so I cannot be too long here… but I say this to you all…. remember to buy your vino rosso before da Chancellor put the price up at midnight tonight. I have bought many bottles today for my flock from your very good Oddbins in London…. and from a good friend in the land where Rioja is made for my cousin “Charon QC”…

You will be surprised how much wine we get through in Holy Week… 14.5% for me… 12% for flock people, unless they have Vatican Premium Card entry to Church.

So… a blessing… I use this one all the time… but it is still good for quick blessings… when no money change hands….

In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti

Editorial Note: This is an equal opportunity blog. We are equally sceptical / tolerant / bemused / accepting of all religions…. so long as you don’t wish us to join. Forgive the plural. I have not become ‘Royal’ – but I have a split personality these days and I like to cover all bases when I can.


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