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Thanks to Geeklawyer – I am now aware that the House of Lords has a blog. I commend this blog to you – it is here and is on my blogroll.

My first post, not of great literary merit, awaits moderation. I doubt whether my ‘comment… awaiting moderation’… will be approved. Geeklawyer has managed to be approved. A curiously well behaved post by GL… if I may say so.

I shall give you a taste of the proposition: “Lords of the Blog is an experimental project to encourage direct dialogue between web users across the world and Members of the House of Lords. Commissioned by the House of Lords, the pilot project is conducted by the Hansard Society who are working directly with Members of the Lords to bring their blogs to the wider online audience.”

Baroness Murphy starts the blog of with a degree of enthusiasm….

“I’m excited this blog site is finally going live tomorrow and hope very much ‘you lot out there’ will want to talk to us and tell us what’s on your mind. The peers taking part have been more or less talking to each other while getting the hang of it. Some of us, unlike former MPs like Lord Soley who are old hands, have never blogged before so we don’t know yet what really interests the wider blogging public. The idea is to talk about our work in the Lords and how our other responsibilities and experiences are brought into the work of the House. Having just spent a rather glorious few days in Tarragona in Spain as an accompanying wife while my husband was lecturing in quantum chemistry at the University, I wasn’t in parliament for Budget Day and have been trying to catch up ever since”


Baroness Murphy on Wikipedia

Geeklawyer’s first post on this blog passed moderation… I give you a taste… in fact…. ignoring his copyright… I am posting the post in full:

“Welcome to the Blogosphere. History has provided a mixed assessment of political blogs but there is one key pre-requisite to success: integrity and personality. It’s as well I am a lawyer and not a mathematician.

But the unique thing about blogging is that it is you writing about yourself and not for an audience. It is not about writing what you think others might wish to hear. There are other ways to do that on the web. Like any of the better blogs I would like to hear the minutiae of the Lords, the nitty gritty things, the gossip & the random thoughts. These are all the things of a good blog and an audience develops once there is a discernible personality corporate or individual.”
I was pleased to see no mention of pole dancing or other matters of interest to GL on his first comment on this new blog. I have never been on a blog where all the authors are peers. I am a renaissance man – open to all ideas and thoughts…. and I hope that I shall find time, late on a Friday evening, to pop over to their blog. In the wake of the news only this weekend that some Lords are hosting corporate events at The House of Lords…. I very much hope that this new blog will be ‘inclusive’.
I am not entirely sure, however, that their Lord / Ladyships will be that interested in what goes on in my mind on a Friday or Saturday night when I decide to start blogging. But… hey…. one must stand up to the crease… and play up… play up… play the game. One can only do one’s best to help their Lord / Ladyships with the onerous task of governing our, hopefully, still anarchic and ultimately ungovernable isle.
I am more than happy to be one of ‘You lot out there’…. an excellent start…. diversity is all in modern Britain.

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