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Unfortunate use of symbols…

Political blogger Guido Fawkes reported last week on the story about the 10 Downing Street gaffe on the logo for the Progressive Governance Summit. See: Guido Fawkes report. I managed to get a copy of the original logo from Fawkes’ blog – 10 Downing Street having removed it from their website. The designers, inadvertantly, managed to get something resembling a swastika into the original logo. Quite how they did not notice, is not for me to judge. The logo was changed.

As Guido Fawkes noted: Andrew Grice in the Indy this morning tells us why:

There was an embarrassing hiccup before Gordon’s arrival: the logo for today’s summit of world leaders bore an uncanny resemblance to a Nazi swastika. Downing Street removed the logo from its website and ordered the designers to come up with a new one. “It would be totally wrong to read anything sinister into the intentions of the designers,” said a No 10 spokeswoman.

And then, of course, the continuing saga of Max Mosley, reported again with much salacious detail in The News of The World.

NOTW reports: “Amid growing demands for his resignation as president of the sports ruling FIA body, Mosley claimed in a letter to members: “Had I been caught driving excessively fast on a public road or over the alcohol limit I should have resigned the same day.”


I read the NOTW report on Mosley as I drank espresso and smoked a rollup outside the HotHouse Cafe in Chiswick (unlicensed premises). The snow was falling (I am, of course, talking about precipitation and not Columbian marching powder) – and I then settled down to read The Observer. It was bracing weather, to be sure – but it was good to escape from the bunker and see daylight.

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