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A bygone era…

I was reminded, tonight, about my time teaching in the 1990s at BPP Law School – in yet another guise of legal educator with a dream… to be carved in profile, forever visible as a founder, on a mountain side.  They never did do the carving.

An Anonymous post in the comments section of my “Different Life” post earlier today reminded me of a lecture I gave on Implied terms with a tin of beans as a teaching aid. The poster also reminded me of my absurd incarnation as Brigadier Grappa on RollonFriday in the early days of the present century. I did a search to see if Grappa was still on Google. Surprisingly he was…. on Geeklawyer’s blog

These were the early days of my online friendship with Geeklawyer. It was not a cowboy movie about breaking the bank and mountains… it was a story of pure friendship, innocence and respect between fellow bloggers – mature, thoughtful and considerate…. [CUT]…. Exit Stage Left followed by a bear and doctor with a prescription pad in his right hand.

This is what I posted on my comments section. Perhaps I should have let sleeping dogs lie?


I have just done a search on my old mate Grappa. It brought up an early Geeklawyer post and Liadnan warned GL about Grappa and his ability to drink vino rosso.


Comment by Liadnan
2006-06-30 19:17:47
You want to be careful in promising that. Charon QC (aka in another place Brigadier Grappa) can drink a hell of a lot. I have observed it. Though I think he usually sticks to wine.

I neither admit nor deny.

I miss those early days of innocence when bloggers, who had not met, were polite to each other. Now I have no qualms at all in crashing Geeklawyer’s blog on a Friday night, over refreshed perhaps, and committing unsolicited literary abominations thereon.

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Death by blogging? and other mattters…

The New York Times reports on the treadmill of blogging and the recent death of two prolific bloggers. I won’t dwell on this – link above.

It is good to see, at a time when banks are not giving 125% mortgages, hedge funds are suing investment banks, Boris may become Mayor, and a host of other really rather serious events are going in the world – quite apart from snow in West London the other day and endless comments about global warming from passers-by, as I was sipping espresso at a cafe, – that The Norfolk Constabulary is at the forefront of upholding law and order.

The BBC reports that “Supermarkets have banned sales of eggs and tomato ketchup to young people in a bid to cut anti-social behaviour.
About a dozen residents in the Charles Close area of Caister-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, have reported tomato sauce being squirted at cars and homes. Norfolk Police asked supermarkets in the town to challenge youths trying to buy sauces in squirty bottles or eggs.”

And…next… for your delectation and delight: An excellent story from the Daily Mail:

Muslim leaders condemned a new war game where teams of soldiers shoot at enemies – dressed as Arabs. Men in camouflaged military gear battle opponents wearing shemaghs – the traditional headdress of Arab men – at Zulu 1 Tactical Airsoft Simulations.

Well… after we had Max Mosley – offending Mercedes, BMW, Jewish religious leaders and victims of the horrors of the Holocaust – being dealt with by women dressed up in WWII uniforms and prancing around shouting orders in German, we now have a group of wannabe soldiers irritating Muslim leaders by playing war games with arabs as ‘the enemy’.

I’m not surprised that Muslims and Muslim leaders are offended. This is recreational war gaming. The participants play with play guns (with BB pellets). God knows what they would do in a real situation – who cares? That isn’t the point. Surely, in the present situation, with real war, real killing, real conflict and real politics in a tragic conflict – the organisers of what is, essentially, paintballing for adults (albeit with BB pellets – safer apparently) …. could have chosen ‘ enemy’ in a different guise? A different coloured ‘bib’? Paintball can be fun – but I do wonder at the mentality of those who feel they have to dress up like real soldiers to play it. At least they are not rampaging around Norfolk squirting tomato sauce at people.

Anyway… moving on….

From 16th April my daily news podcasts and a daily review of the news – for those who enjoy such things will be on my blawg. I may put it on my other blog – but will, of course, let you know, should you wish to save yourself the trouble of reading six newspapers every morning between 4.00 – 6.00 am. Until then they are on Consilio.

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A different life…

In my other guise, I have decided to step down as an Editor of Consilio – the online magazine I founded with others ten years ago.

This means that I will be able to concentrate on writing, podcasts and develop things in a different way.  I may even have more time for some teaching.

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