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The Independent reports that Mr Al Fayed is accepting the Diana Inquest verdict.

“The Harrods owner, who said he was abandoning the public claims for the sake of Princes William and Harry, told ITV’s News at Ten that “enough is enough”. He added: “I’m leaving the rest for God to get my revenge. I’m not doing anything any more.”

I had to smile at this part of the Indie report: “Mr Fayed said he was “tired” with his fight for justice despite his lawyers telling him he still had options.”

Did they so advise? If so, why? To what end?

Daniel Finkelstein, writing in the Times, observes: “The Diana inquest cost a fortune. The verdict will not change the mind of a single person. The conclusions the court reached were entirely obvious to anyone with half a brain right from the beginning. But still. Worth every penny, it was. But still. We should be proud not ashamed.”

I think he’s right. Conspiracy theorists are never going to be satisfied with a verdict.

Meanwhile…. Lord Justice Scott-Baker is still ‘not minded’ to refer Paul Burrell to the Metropolitan Police – and seems content to have made his point about Burrell’s reliability in his summing up to the jury.

HOWEVER… The Met, having solved all serious crime in london and having recovered from being pushed about by Chinese paramilitary PAP guards during the Olympic torch procession through London the other day, is taking the view that it is their ‘duty’ to investigate Paul Burrell’s perjury. A member of the public has, apparently (and, inevitably) complained – giving the Met the green light to activate The Thunderbirds. BBC Story

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