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insitelaw newswire…

I have set up a first attempt at a news and blogger centric newswire. The newswire and insite blog are intended to work in tandem.  The main focus is on news of and comment on developments in law and practice.  The newswire will have podcasts, but is not intended for traditional articles on law.  Consilio has a wider coverage with articles on the main legal subject areas and there is a lively discussion board.  If you would like to publish an article – please contact Consilio.

The insitelaw newswire/blog combo is an attempt to focus on news and developments of interest to students and practitioners. I welcome emails from bloggers who would like to draw attention to their posts if those posts are about law news or developments in the law.  I’ll do my best to hunt around – but time is limited – so if you would like to suggest posts by emailing me – you may do so from the newswire.

Now… my Charon blawg…. can be almost entirely free of serious law 🙂

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Daily News: Thursday 17th April

Daily News Podcast

I am putting the daily news podcasts on the new insitelaw blog each morning by 9.00 with links to various law news stories from the leading newspapers: Please click here

(REDUXlaw will now be used for my Contract / Commercial law materials as I publish them.)

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