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Podcasts! – an update

I have now put a list of 52+ podcasts on the  insitelaw newswire and there is a link to the podcast on the top right hand side of the newswire.  If you did a podcast with me and wish to re-do your podcast link – please go here.

I have yet to re-do all the links on the blog.  This is rather a big task – and will take some time.  In the meantime – you can access the podcasts (Weekend review podcasts will be put up later this week) by visiting insitelaw.

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Daily Legal news links and daily news podcast now up on insitelaw newswire (insite blog to follow)

List of blogs on insitelaw newswire
I have copied my blogroll to the insitelaw newswire website.  If you are not on my blogroll and would like to be included (and on the insitelaw newswire – please visit the insitelawnewswire and email me.

League tables to irritate the legal profession
It has been done in the health service, the media and the City. Professionals — lawyers included — are increasingly victims of league tables. So braving the ire of that most litigious of groups, today The Times Law section offers its own list: Law 100: the UK’s most powerful lawyers

With a legal profession of over 120,000 and even if some members of the profession are modest enough (or young enough) not to worry about their place in the firmament – this list is going to irritate a fair number of lawyers. Maybe this is a good thing!
See: Insitelaw newswire

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