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Weekend Review 26-27 April – Trailer…

I thought I’d kick off this week’s Weekend Review with a trailer….

Here we have a story from RollonFriday about Freshfield’s partner Chris Mort. I can do no better than quote from the RollonFriday news story:

“A video has been posted on YouTube showing Chris Mort, a leading Freshfields corporate partner, on stage leading the singing of a drunken crowd. Mort, who is also chairman of Newcastle United FC, lurched into a series of football chants at the Blu Bambu nightclub in Newcastle. He can be seen below, entertaining the crowds alongside a gentleman who’s singing “shut your f*cking face girl, la la la la“.”

The Telegraph covers the story | Chris Mort biography

In the interests of legal research – you may feel that it is appropriate for you to click this link to RoF to view the YouTube video. Excellent nonsense – good to see that serious lawyers can get away from the heavy stuff from time to time and have a good evening. I enjoyed the video – not a football fan but after this…. I may well take up a bit karaoke myself … in a podcast?

Matt Muttley, managing partner of Muttley Dastardly LLP, is away in Amsterdam visiting European banks to see how they are coping with sub-prime securities and is not available or comment.


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