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I’ve turned down the pleasures of life to watch television to see who will be Mayor of our great City tomorrow….

The money is on Boris…. but you never know… Cyclops could turn up, part the Thames, and lead his followers through to the promised land of milk and porridge.

I’m sorry… but I do find it rather funny that a man who waits 10 years to be Prime Minister, when all about him knew that he was not sufficiently shallow / articulate to be a truly great leader of the Britons, should now find that his party does not seem to run any local government at all in England, Wales or even in Scotland and may wake tomorrow to find that St Boris is running London.

This weekend… I shall be spending an inordinate amount of my bank holiday reflecting on matters…. I can hear the Newsnight music… must go…. I have not got any grand children – but I do want to be able to watch history in the making…

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