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A very British perspective….

The BBC reports that The threat of a nuclear attack on the UK in the 1950s caused concern over the supply of tea, top-secret documents which have now been released reveal. Government officials planning food supplies said the tea situation would be “very serious” after a nuclear war. “It would be wrong to consider that even 1oz per head per week could be ensured,” they stated.

The BBC has published a list of the Top 10 most complained about adverts. The most offensive was from the NHS for a ‘give up smoking’ advert and brought in a fantastic 778 complaints. Given that there must be countless millions of workshy daytime television viewers, coffin dodgers waiting for Countdown to come on and then, in the evening, a legion of takeaway eating couch potatoes watching TV – it seems we are a very tolerant nation. BUT… who are the 778 people who did complain? What sort of people are they? Why do they feel the urge to rush off and telephone or write in to complain?

At the risk of sounding like some old buffoon on BBC’s Points of View programme, I’d like to say that I am grateful to Ann Porter of Belfast for taking the trouble to write in to the BBC website and post this guff ” Well after reading this I have concluded that there’s not much point in having ASA. As far as I’m concerned all of these complaints should have seen the adverts banned, as should all adverts of female hygiene products. How standards have slipped with the passage of time. Bring back Mary Whitehouse, I say.”

And finally… before I metamorphose or transmogrify into an even grumpier old git…. here is Gordon Brown doing a cameo role on American idol. Mildly amusing if you like tedious videos.

And another thing…. Why do men over 40 with bad legs and mild or, in some cases, well developed pot bellies, wear trousers cut off to three inches below the knee in Chiswick High Road on the first hot day of the year and look smug about it…. as if it is a good look? Teenagers fine… grown men? Maybe I am being too harsh?

I even saw one guy wearing socks with sandals. Fortunately, it being Chiswick, there was a health food store nearby and I was able to go and get some homeopathic pills, sign up for some vikram yoga and an hour in a total immersion tank to sooth me. OK… OK… I didn’t do that… I ordered another espresso and wondered where I would take myself off to for a glass of vino at lunchtime.

And that… is how I lived on the edge today… apart from doing a bit of work.

Buona notte…. The Bank holiday is a goner…

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Mayor Boris speaks to London:1

This section of my blawg is not political and is intended only to collect Borisisms as they arise in the Press. It is quite possible, of course, that there will not be many now that he plans to work night and day for London and be sensible. I am not being dog in the manger about it… but nor is Boris:

The Times reports: “In his first speech as mayor on Saturday, Mr Johnson signalled that he would not tolerate unsupportive officials. “If there are any dogs in the manger, then I will have those dogs humanely euthanased,” he said.”

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