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I have just been to Geeklawyer’s blog to read of the news that there is to be a gathering of the blawgers. Not quite the glory of UK Blawgers 2007 – a more modest affair in a Temple of our craft.

At the moment plans are secret…  as befits our craft – but all, shall, no doubt, be revealed in time…. in the meantime you may care to read… of the following…

I’m now going to do a bit of opus dei and see what the day brings when I wake at 3.00 am this morning….

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To: Partners

From: Matt Muttley, Managing Partner


Dr Strangelove, our new Director of Research & Education, has forwarded an email from The Law Society – a rare survivor of our new spam and junk mail filter systems. I was, of course, aware that polar bears are now floating around on small chunks of ice off the coast near Scunthorpe because of global warming, and, I am told, one has even passed the LPC and been admitted, but until I read this paper from The Law Society I had absolutely no idea that the legal profession was responsible for doing something about it. It seems that The Law Society is most active on the matter and that law firms must do their bit to promote and further global warming.

The task, fellow partners, is to reduce our carbon footprint. Apparently, according to The Law Society press release, “an alliance comprising law firms and organisations has announced plans to develop a carbon footprint measuring tool for firms across the sector.”

The news release states, solemnly: “The LSA Carbon Footprint Protocol is being developed by the sector for the sector in recognition of the fact that many law firms have not yet begun to measure their carbon footprint. Early results from an LSA survey reveal that many firms have not measured their carbon footprint because they do not know where to start.”

I enjoyed the bit where Law Society Chief Executive Des Hudson states: ‘You can’t manage what you haven’t measured, so calculation of your carbon footprint is absolutely crucial before you take action to reduce it.

He would definitely get three Yes votes on Britain’s Got Talent.

Dr Strangelove advises that quite a few serious law firms have already signed up for this alliance, so there must be advantage in this for us and I plan to see if we can jump on board as well. The good news, reading the small print of the press release, is that when (a) we have discovered what carbon foot print is in relation to the activities of this firm, (b) used the tool to measure it and (c) worked out a plan to reduce it, we don’t have to publicise our results – so no need to worry about implementation costs or engaging our clients to participate in this with us (by accepting our costs under disbursements) at this stage.

I would be grateful for advice on this issue at your lesure.

PS: Would you be kind enough to let my PA, Eva Braun, know how many of you want to go shooting in Scotland this year so that she can book the Lear jets and the fleet of Range Rovers. I know that some partners, because of our increasing presence in the lucrative Japanese market, are keen to sponsor a japanese whale fishing expedition but this may have to wait as costs to sponsor the Chinese athletes escorting the olympic torch around the world were rather higher than we anticipated. But… hey… Beijing… here we come!

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6th May: Daily news podcast and news…

While news is a bit thin on the ground after the Bank holiday – the daily news podcast and links to legal news stories is now up on insitelaw newswire. I’ll be updating the blogs section, law reports and legal round up sections as the day progresses.

I have set up a discussion board on insitelaw if you would like to join – please do so here

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