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A Touch of Class…

So… Prime Minister Brown is going to listen following recent unfortunate events in elections and polls.

Let’s see how he is doing so far with his newly acquired listening skills:

(a) Didn’t really listen to his backbenchers on the 10p tax rate abolition

(b) Does not seem to be listening to law officers and sundry other experts on the extension of terror detention without charge limits from 28 – 42 days

(c) Didn’t listen to experts appointed by his government on the re-classification of Cannabis from Class C to Class B

(d) Didn’t listen to civil liberties people on the burgeoning use of CCTV cameras. They don’t seem to be working. Only 3% of crimes in London have been solved using CCTV and, apparently, policemen don’t like trawling through the pictures. It is hard work, said one copper, reportedly, in the press yesterday

(e) Didn’t seem to be listening to Wendy Alexander when she told him that she was going to press for an Independence referendum in Scotland to flush the SNP out and did not appear to be listening to himself when he, apparently, told Wendy Alexander to press on with her plan. All very puzzling. BBC story

WTF is Gordon smoking? Won’t be a spliff of course – not his style. I seem to recall some time ago that a substantial number of Labour politicians (and other politicians – but not Cameron) confessed to using cannabis in their youth.

I am, of course, not smoking a spliff in the picture above. I have perfected the art of rolling very large cigarettes since I took up smoking rollups. Practice makes perfect.

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